Does your Internet Marketing fit Millennials’ Habits?

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Millennials, or people who reached adulthood around the year 2000, make up a large portion of many businesses’ markets. These people are graduating from college, starting professional careers, buying products and perhaps most importantly, using the Internet like other generations don’t.

People in this demographic are tech savvy and know how to use laptops, tablets and smartphones and incorporate this kind of technology in their everyday lives. If millennials are part of your target market, you need to make sure your marketing strategy fits their habits.

What are the Habits?

Content Marketing Institute found some technology-related habits millennials tend to share. These habits tell us about how we can create effective Internet marketing strategies.

Staying Connected

Millennials are always connected. Texting, messaging apps and social media allow them to be in touch with friends, brands and news sources around the clock. Get in front of this market by using the channels they are using.

Multitasking with Multiple Devices

People in this group have a habit of looking at more than one screen at once. They will watch television while browsing social media on their smartphone or even check in with their smartphone while working on their laptop.

Knowing this, you can create marketing plans that use more than one platform. Combine television or video with blog posts, ask event attendees to connect with social media and live tweet conferences.

Taking Control of Content Delivery

Millennials don’t like to be interrupted with marketing materials, even when they are multitasking. Pop-up ads, disruptive social media ads and other forceful tactics won’t work with this market.

Instead, create content platforms like blogs, social media profiles, YouTube channels and apps that let people control how they access your content. When people willingly use your content and recognise its value, they may be more likely to become loyal customers.

Engaging with Online Content, not Just Listening

While millennials are connected and controlling how and when they view content, they are also engaging with it. People in this demographic don’t just read articles, consume information and look at content passively, they actively engage with it.

Millennials like to comment, share content, give their opinions, critique and otherwise engage with online content. Make room for this in your content marketing plan by using tactics, like social media, blog posts, and apps, that allow your market to interact with you, not just passively listen.

Valuing what their Friends Think

People in this age group aren’t very interested in what strangers or businesses think, but they are very interested in what their friends think. Use this to your advantage by getting people to talk about, recommend and review your business on social media. Also use testimonials and advertising tactics that allow millennials to see your business the way their peers do.

Valuing Honest and Genuine Marketing

Don’t bother with dishonest or deceiving marketing tactics. Not only could they be considered unethical, but millennials will see right through them. People in this group value transparency and marketing approaches that are genuine. Be true to your story and use real, honest Internet marketing strategies to get better results.

Millennials are such a large demographic and if they are part of your target market, they are an important segment to reach online. Keep their habits in mind and understand how they use the Internet, social media and mobile devices so you can find ways to enhance your marketing strategy to successfully reach and influence people in this group.