Internet Marketing Consultant: Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Professional…

Internet Marketing Consultant

Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Professional…

internet marketing consultant top questions

Here at Bigfoot Digital, we offer an extensive range of digital marketing services to help your business gain the online presence that it no doubt deserves.

Our team are highly skilled, passionate and dedicated to ensuring that every client we work with receives a consistently exceptional level of service and support.

Despite this, we understand that when businesses are doing their research and looking for an internet marketing consultant, it can be difficult to decipher which digital marketing agency to go for.

Unfortunately, not every company is as transparent and honest as we are when it comes to their services and what they will charge you.

Our marketing professionals are happy to assist you with all things digital, from SEO and website content optimisation down to monitoring your social media and paid advertising.

If you choose to work with a talented internet marketing consultant at Bigfoot Digital, they would love to share their expertise and help you every step of the way to improve your business’ rankings!

To help make your lives easier when you are considering whether to hire an internet marketing consultant , we have come up with some questions that you should (and shouldn’t) ask before making the decision!


1. How do you measure success?

This is a useful question because if an internet marketing consultant is unclear as to how they will measure your success, there is no chance of you learning how to either!

A skilled digital marketing professional should be confident with the metrics they use to assess how successful their clients’ strategies are performing. For example, for monitoring a company’s SEO a consultant would use online tools like Google Analytics, but there is a range of ways for professionals (and you) to judge other aspects of digital marketing, such as the number of lead conversions and/or amount of engagement your content receives.

You should make sure that when talking with an internet marketing consultant they are honest and open about the methods and metrics that they use. The great thing about consultancy as opposed to employing a digital marketing agency is that you can work with a professional and learn at the same time as implementing your online strategy.

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2. Do you have any successful case studies or testimonials?

Make sure that the company you are contacting has proof of their skills and expertise. It is important to check that an internet marketing consultant has a good track record to avoid any disappointments down the line.

For this reason, we would recommend going for a company with consistently happy customers – one thing we pride ourselves on here at Bigfoot is our glowing reviews and testimonials.

Bigfoot Digital continue to over deliver… We couldn’t be happier with the level of service leading to an increase in website visitors, and more enquiries than we ever thought possible. If you’re looking for a boost in your online sales, give these guys a call. You won’t regret it.


3. How will I be updated about the work you do?

Any skilled internet marketing consultant will ensure to keep you updated regularly about how your online strategy is going. This may be in the form of a weekly or monthly report but is down to the individual company to decide.

At Bigfoot Digital, we are available for our clients to get in touch 24/7 but also provide a detailed analytics report to keep clients updated about any changes or improvements to their rankings and/or traffic.

As we highlighted earlier though, you work with an internet marketing consultant through one-to-one sessions, so you should be clued up to an extent about the progress of your digital marketing strategy anyway.

4. What services will be provided?

With us being in the midst of the technological age, digital marketing is always growing and these days it is practically a minefield in terms of what needs to be done to rank and/or convert.

Our consultants can offer you a huge range of digital marketing services to take away some of the mental burdens. Our consultancy team have an abundance of knowledge to share about all things SEO, social media, email marketing, PPC, content marketing, design and even video production. Whether you have no experience with any of these services or you just need some extra support, an internet marketing consultant of ours would love to provide you with just that!

5. What are the approximate costs?

seo consultancy seo definition

Of course, you need to ask an internet marketing consultant what they charge for their time and services. SEO consultancy service costs are often based on an hourly rate, due to the fact that you pay for a consultant’s time and not necessarily their efforts. This can work in your favour if you choose the right consultant and each session provides significant value, but could also work against you if you have a session that doesn’t quite go to plan!

When looking to invest in our consultancy services, you simply don’t have to worry about whether you will get your value for money. It is not an issue. Our previous and current clients have always been impressed with the constant support and expertise that we have to share.

They provide an excellent service with professional support and advice as and when needed. I would highly recommend considering their service to anybody looking to increase online presence.



1. When will I start to see results?

Asking an internet marketing consultant this question is basically a waste of your time and theirs! When it comes to digital marketing and specifically SEO, the results are completely unpredictable. This is because Google has the privilege of changing up their ranking factors whenever they feel like it.

It could take one month, it could take a year… Each business sees results at different times so your consultant won’t be able to provide you with a time frame.

All you need to know is that if you ensure that your potential internet marketing consultant has proven successes and significant expertise, they will no doubt be able to help you to get your business where it needs to be.

2. Are the results guaranteed?

Leading on from the last question to avoid, your internet marketing consultant also will not be able to guarantee your results either. Of course, if you take all advice on board and carry out tasks involved in your strategy to the best of your ability, your business’ online presence no doubt will start to improve. Digital marketing consultancy is just not completely clear-cut in terms of the results that will be seen and when the results will start to show.

Hopefully, by highlighting some recommended questions to ask and to avoid, you will be more successful in hiring the right internet marketing consultant for your business!

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Now what?

If you are interested in investing some time and money into working with an internet marketing consultant, we would love to help. Our consultants are all highly skilled and extremely passionate about all things digital marketing, so you can rest easy knowing the advice they give is based on years of experience.

Get in touch today to find out more about our marketing consultancy services! You can give us a call on 01226 720 755 or drop us an email at 😊