Internet Marketing Birmingham

Internet Marketing Birmingham

Want to generate more leads and increase your website’s traffic? Our internet marketing Birmingham services are for you. 

Where online marketing is concerned, we’ve seen a lot of change over the years. For one, we probably never thought voice search would be popular worldwide, nor did we think we could rank a YouTube video through careful optimisation. Not only do we now have an awful lot of options when marketing our businesses online, but our SEO Birmingham team has developed tried and tested ways to get quality results.

Our online marketing Birmingham services combine our knowledgeable team with some complex strategies to reach a larger target market, increase click-throughs to your site as well as boosting those all important sales. If we can do it for ourselves and our range clients, then we sure can do it for your business too. Of course, a little patience is essential, but more than worth it when you think of the outcome!

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So, who needs internet marketing? Well, if you have a business and you’re serious about getting results, then internet marketing should be an essential part of your day to day business strategy. Your space on the internet, including a company website and social media profiles, is the biggest way you can get your brand noticed.

Just imagine how long the average person spends on the internet; browsing through content, carrying out web searches and following the latest news and accounts on social media. These are all opportunities for you to get your products and services out there. Have we grabbed your interest a little?

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Our core internet marketing Birmingham services:

Website design and development.

A professional website is a good start for great internet marketing. You can instantly draw in the right people and encourage sales just from how your site looks visually. Of course, a strong SEO strategy is definitely going to help too! At Bigfoot Digital, we make sure each web build is responsive on a number of devices and ensure site speed is a priority. A potential customer is not going to stay and browse if your pages are taking an age to load. Our expert web design team can match each individual site to a brand, building trust and encouraging more sales and engagement.

Search Engine Optimisation.

If your website can get a stream of traffic and regular custom, you’re well on your way to success. However, how do you get to that point? Without SEO, you’ll struggle to get noticed, and you’ll not even be visible in the search results. Without a website or an SEO strategy in place, you may as well not exist online!

From researching keywords to creating a solid backlink profile, our SEO professionals can get you noticed by the right people and ranking highly for the right key terms. If you have a long list of quality, authoritative backlinks, you’ll get a big ranking boost. A link building strategy is a hugely important ranking factor where Google is concerned, and our internet marketing Birmingham team have it covered.

If you have a website already and are unsure of how well it’s performing, why not grab a free site audit while you’re here?

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Social Media Marketing.

Gone are the days where social media was only used to update your family and friends about what you got up to at the weekend, or what fancy new restaurant for you’re going to for tea.

These days, brands and organisations around the world are using top social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, to promote their business and get their message across.

There’s much more to social media for business than meets the eye. It’s all well and good trying to sell yourself to your audience, but if you don’t have any tactics in place, you’ll get zero engagement and your efforts will be wasted. Our internet marketing Birmingham team can create a tailored social strategy, produce unique and engaging content as well as advertising and promoting your content to the right targeted people.

Why Bigfoot Digital?

We’ve been a part of the digital marketing world since the beginning of the internet – no joke! Combined, we have years upon years of experience in the industry; we’ve been there through every algorithm update and tried and tested every white-hat SEO trick in the book to see what works and what doesn’t. We know how to provide our clients with the best possible results, every time. You’ll be impressed with what we can bring to your business!

Our internet marketing Birmingham services are a different experience for every other internet marketing company out there. We always follow Google’s best practice guidelines and do our best to secure page one rankings, getting you noticed above your competitors. When working with our clients, we always ensure they’re kept in the loop with everything we do, sending out monthly reports combined with regular communications. We’ll explain our processes and how each one can generate leads and increase your website traffic. After all, our main goal is to make you money!

Choose our internet marketing Birmingham services.

By this point, you’ll probably have identified any possible areas of improvement for your internet marketing campaign. Perhaps you’re wondering why you’re not getting the website traffic you need or why you’re not ranking on the first page of a search engine, despite you trying your hardest to implement some popular SEO tactics. Whatever you question, our friendly, knowledgeable team of online marketing professionals will try and assist you with your query.

If you’re looking for a complete SEO package, social media marketing, or even a little email marketing or graphic design, then look no further than Bigfoot Digital. We can deliver incredible results for your business and together, we can create the right strategy to get things moving. Ready to go? Give our team a call today or drop us an email to Let’s combine our ideas and get a plan of action together. Your business’ success is just around the corner!