Instagram’s New Longer Videos: What can You do in 60 Seconds?

smartphonecameralenseInstagram has announced that all users will soon be able to post videos that are 60 seconds long, a big increase from the previous 15-second time limit. Instagram has already started unrolling the new feature and all users can expect to have access to it in the next few months.

According to the announcement, in the last six months the time Instagrammers spent watching videos has increased by more than 40 percent. The site is becoming a more popular place to share videos, and it is working to keep up with this trend by increasing the time limit.

So, what can you do in just 60 seconds? While this doesn’t sound like much time, these videos have a lot of marketing potential.

Product or Event Teaser

Teasers are meant to be short. With this type of video, the point is not to give everything away; it is to get people excited about an upcoming product or event. With these 60-second videos you can create a simple teaser that helps announce an upcoming event and generate social media buzz about it.

Get to Know Us Clip

Make your account more personable with some quick “get to know us” videos. These can be short snippets from your CEO or a video that has a message from your product developer or social media team leader. They can be more formal and scripted or they can be spontaneous shout outs to your followers.

Glimpse Behind the Scenes

Everyone loves a behind-the-scenes video, and with 60 seconds you have ample time to give users a quick look behind your brand. Show people what goes on in your office, how a product or service comes together, what you do to prepare for an event or just an inside look at how things work. These can also make your account more personable and help you build trust with your market.

Product Unveiling

While you may need more time to execute a complete product launch, a quick unveiling is definitely possible in 60 seconds. Use an edited version of your full-length video or create a sort of teaser that encourages people to visit your site for more information. Sometimes all people need is a quick look at your newest product to get excited about it and take action.

Product or Service Demonstration

A quick product demo can help you persuade potential customers to make a purchase. It can also help you better serve your customers, who will learn something new about your product. Demo videos are very popular online and by posting short 60-second videos, you’ll capture an audience that is just looking for some quick tips.

User Testimonial Spotlight

Finally, put those user testimonials to good use by spotlighting them on your Instagram account. A video showing the customer talking about your business or product or engaging with your brand makes testimonials come to life and is much more engaging than a text version of a user review.

Instagram’s longer videos will give your business a huge opportunity to use video marketing and social media marketing together, creating a powerful tactic that can help you reach your target market.