Instagram’s New Clickable Ads bring Huge Opportunities for Increased Engagement

Instagram has announced a new ad format that will be clickable, so businesses can direct users to a website. When you consider the valuable audience Instagram has, this new development could bring huge opportunities to increase engagement, which could bring all kinds of benefits to your business.

The New Carousel Ads

With the new carousel ads, you can share more than one image. Instagram explains that this update will “give brands more flexibility in telling their stories.” When you share a few images together, you can give people more information, make a more compelling case and maybe even generate more engagement.

Instagram users will be able to swipe images on carousel ads to the side to see all the pictures. They will also be able to tap on the images to navigate away from Instagram and to a website. This gives your business the chance to send people to your site for more information or to respond to a call to action.

For example, you could use several images in a carousel ad to highlight a new product line, and then include a link to a page on your site where people can see all the products and make a purchase.

Carousel ads will start being unrolled on a limited basis and Instagram plans to continue to experiment with the format to find what works best. You could start seeing these ads in your feed any time, so watch your business account for an opportunity to create your own carousel ads.

Clickable Ads, Increased Engagement and a Valuable Audience

Of course, clickable ads bring their own benefits, but combined with Instagram’s valuable audience, they could bring even more potential.

Social Media Examiner reports that 62 percent of Instagram users say they follow brands just because they “love” them. This is a large percentage and illustrates the idea that businesses that use Instagram have an opportunity to build brand loyalty and communicate with people who are already big fans of what they do.

Socialbakers found that some brands on Instagram see almost 50 times more engagement on Instagram than they do on Twitter. And this research focused on organic content, so promoted content and carefully targeted ads could see even better results. Another study, by L2 Think Tank, found that Instagram content generated about 15 times more engagement than Facebook content.

With these levels of engagement, you have the chance to motivate your loyal customers and ask people who already love your brand to visit your website or make a purchase. You have an opportunity to leverage an audience full of people who are willing to connect with brands they like and who have shown they are already willing to interact with brands on Instagram, even before clickable ads were introduced.

Instagram’s new ad format is great news for businesses and you can use it to reach a loyal, interactive audience and direct people to your website where they can respond to your calls to action.