Instagram has More Users than Twitter: Which Should you Use?

Instagram has just announced that it now has 300 million users, which is more than Twitter’s 284 million users. It’s no secret that both Instagram and Twitter have a lot of potential to help you promote your business online. In fact, you are likely using one or both of these networks to build your brand and reach your audience.

With Instagram’s growth, you may be wondering whether Instagram or Twitter is a more effective marketing tool and which is best for your business.

Using Instagram

Instagram is a visual social network. Users post artistic, interesting and fun images and the content that is most successful here has these characteristics. If you can promote your brand primarily through images, Instagram could be for you.

It is ideal for posting images that show your products in action, highlight events and give followers a look behind the scenes. Instagram also has advertising options, so if you can use primarily visual ads to promote your business, this is worth looking into.

Instagram has also announced that it is now offering verified accounts for celebrities and brands, which can help you create a more formal, trustworthy account for your business. It is also actively working to delete spammy accounts, which means you could have a more genuine audience. TechCrunch reports that 70 percent of Instagram’s users are outside of the US, so UK businesses have a good opportunity to reach their markets with this network.

Using Twitter

Twitter may have slightly fewer users than Instagram, but it’s still a widely used network. It’s perfect for posting quick updates, conveying news and participating in larger conversations with Twitter chats and hashtags.

The 140 character count limit on Twitter means that you need to find succinct ways to send your messages, but it also gives you an opportunity to grab your market’s attention with concise updates. You can also share images on Twitter, but in some cases users will need to click on a link to see them. Twitter offers promoted tweets, so advertising your brand and account is possible.

Twitter is a good fit for businesses that are targeting heavy social media users, have lots of content or information to share, hold events or whose market uses Twitter regularly.

Using Instagram and Twitter Together

In most cases, businesses can use Instagram and Twitter together. The networks attract similar audiences, so you can leverage the best of both sites to accomplish different things. For example, your Instagram strategy will be focused on images that help you establish your brand and show off your personality. Your Twitter account could then be used to help you post more frequent updates and share links to your content.

Both of these networks have a lot of potential to help you establish your brand. If you decide to use both, be sure to use them consistently and make it easy for your market to find you. Add Instagram and Twitter buttons to your website so people can find your account easily and make sure your profiles are complete and accurate on both accounts.

If possible, get your accounts verified and then build a following by sharing relevant information, following other users and interacting with your followers. Instagram and Twitter can work together well when you plan what kind of content to share through each account and update both accounts regularly to form online communities.