Instagram Picture Styles that Attract Followers and Build Engagement

There are all kinds of marketing strategies businesses can use with Instagram and most of them rely on posting pictures that support your brand, inspire your market and build engagement, so your followers will become loyal fans and customers.

There are a few photo styles that are more likely to help your posts and ads stand out, and by adjusting them to your brand you’ll have more success with Instagram.

Photos that Show your Business in Action

Avoid posting too many product pictures and go for images that show your business in action instead. Action shots of employees, locations, events, products being used or services being delivered are much more interesting. These kinds of pictures can also help your business feel more approachable, which can help you boost engagement.

Personality-Driven Images

Remember, your account doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Try posting some “just for fun” images that will help you keep things casual and fun. These pictures can relate to your brand or they can just be fun images your employees share. These kinds of posts will add personality to your entire account and help you avoid appearing spammy or too sales oriented.

Pictures that Solicit Votes or Responses

Use your Instagram posts to ask for direct responses and feedback by posing questions, asking people to give their opinion or soliciting a vote. They can do this through comments or “likes” or you can direct them to a website.

For example, edit two photos of different products together and post them as a single picture. Then, ask people which product they like best. Or, ask people to make requests for refreshments, entertainment or a location for your next event by posting a list of options and asking for comments.

This approach helps people feel like you are listening and that they have some say in the products they benefit from. People love to give their opinions, so this can help you start conversations.

Images with Text Overlays

You don’t have to reserve text for photo captions! Overlay text on your images to send a quick message and grab attention. Use inspirational quotes, event details, promotion information, a web address or even a question to make the text helpful and generate engagement. This can be used in combination with the previous style, pictures that solicit responses, for an even bigger impact.

Relevant Pictures from your Fans

Interact with your fans by sharing their pictures. Ideally, you should share pictures that show your customers using your products, having fun at your events or participating at your locations, so they speak to your brand and help you promote your business.

These images are a form of social proof and can help you attract more customers as people see how they can use your products or how much others enjoy them. Giving shout-outs like this will also help you build relationships with your followers, which can foster brand loyalty.

Instagram can add a lot to your social media strategy, and when you make sure your images help you attract followers and customers and build engagement, you can get the most out of your account.