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It’s no secret, your brand needs to be active on Instagram. With over 500 million active users to date, it’s a social network platform that provides ample opportunities to capture the attention of your audience.

Did you spot our little pun there? Capture the attention of your audience. That’s because Instagram is all about telling visual stories in a fun and exciting way that your audience will love to engage with online.

Keep it hush but we’re about to share with you some of our proven techniques used to help brands, like yourself, increase their following on Instagram. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started…

Here’s how we can help you:

Create a content calendar

It’s important to plan all of your content in advance. You can now schedule your Instagram posts and track their progress to see which ones are performing best. This will form the basis of a content calendar for your Instagram account.

Hashtags and Geo-tagging

Hashtags are popular on Instagram as they provide users with a quick and easy way of searching for a particular topic. At Bigfoot Digital, we know all about using the right hashtags in order to best target potential customers for your business.

If location is key to your business then making use of location/geo-tagging functions is a must. Great if you’re a restaurant, hotel or travel destination. First, in case you’re not aware, a geo-tag is the ability to share a photo’s location on Instagram; an invaluable tool if you’re a local business looking to bring in custom from tourists.

Monitor achievements

We monitor all Instagram posts and use the insights tool to assess which types of content are generating the most business traction. This will all be detailed in a report highlighting the analytics of your social posts – who liked, commented, shared and clicked through to your website via Insta!

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