Instagram just Became more Business Friendly

Instagram has unveiled some new tools that will make it much easier to use, and a more valuable marketing tool, for businesses. This social network is one that is very visual and the company reports that it has 200 million monthly active users, 65 percent of which are outside the United States. There are 60 million photos and 1.6 billion “likes” shared on the site daily.

There’s a good chance part of your market uses Instagram and now with new tools, the site is easier for your business to use successfully.

The tools announced by Instagram are specifically for business accounts and you can use them as you post updates or run ads on the site. Instagram says the tools will be launched later this year.

Ad Staging: Collaborate for Better Results

The first new feature is called Ad Staging and allows you, as an advertiser, to collaborate with your creative team, save ads and preview ad campaigns before you even launch them. When your marketing, design, and social media teams can all work together on Instagram ads right inside the platform you can more easily coordinate your efforts.

Ad Staging could also make it easier for you to plan ahead and stay organised. When you can save and preview campaigns, you can make sure everything is ready to go well in advance so each of your campaigns will be more effective.

Account Insights: See Your Results

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Most social media networks let businesses see basic analytics related to their accounts, and now Instagram does too. You can log in to see your impressions, reach and engagement, which can give you a detailed look at what is happening on your business account.

When you can easily access and track these statistics for your Instagram posts, you can find out if you are reaching your social media goals, like increasing brand awareness, reaching a larger audience and encouraging your potential and current customers to interact with you online.

Ad Insights: See your Impact

Instagram has also made it possible for you to find out more about how your ads are performing. Ad Insights lets you see impressions, reach and frequency for your ads so you can find out how effective they are and find new ways to be successful.

You can view these statistics for each of your ads, so comparing design, messaging, timing and other factors will be much easier. With this information, your Instagram ads have the potential to be much more powerful because you can learn from each ad and campaign and constantly improve your efforts.

These new business tools are a valuable addition to Instagram and will make using it for social media marketing, whether you are posting updates or using ads, easier and more beneficial.

If your brand is visual and you could capture your market’s attention with images of products, events, services or your location, Instagram could be a great addition to your social media strategy. Start using these tools as soon as they launch for the best results and to find ways you can enhance your strategy.