The Incredible Benefits of Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content that doesn’t expire quickly, or ever. In other words, it is content that is relevant and provides value for long periods of time. This kind of content is extremely valuable to your business and can bring several benefits that will help you be more successful.

Evergreen Content Defined

Lots of the content you produce, like blog posts, social media posts, and even some infographics, include information that becomes outdated. Pieces of content about social media features that are continually updated, products that are discontinued and current events all provide great value when they are published, but over time that value decreases.

On the other hand, things like tutorials, business descriptions and content about general topics usually continue to provide value over long periods of time. They are relevant for months or even years.

You do need a combination of these content types for Internet, social media and content marketing, but the benefits of evergreen content are often overlooked by businesses.

What Evergreen Content can do for You

So, what makes evergreen content so beneficial? The things it can help you achieve and the benefits it can bring are very valuable.

Establish your Brand Voice and Authority

Content that includes information that provides value for longer periods of time can help you establish your brand voice and authority. When you are always changing the content on your homepage, or main pages on your site, you begin to dilute your brand and confuse your market. Evergreen content helps you avoid this.

Evergreen content that highlights your expertise and that your market deems as highly valuable will also help you establish your authority and reputation as an expert, which will help you build your business.

Get more Social Media Traffic

Evergreen content lets you get more out of a single article, blog post, or video as you can continue to share it on social media long after it is created and it will continue to generate interest and traffic. Other kinds of content lose their value and an audience’s interest, so they won’t attract as many clicks.

Build Your Link Bait Foundation

Just as evergreen content can continually attract interest on social media, it can also attract more links. People are much more likely to share content that is relevant and current, so when you publish evergreen content, you are extending the period of time it remains relevant and is most likely to be linked to, bringing you more links and traffic.

Increase Your Rankings

More traffic, comments and links, which will accumulate with evergreen content, can lead to higher search engine rankings. When your site ranks well, it is easier for your market to find it and you’ll see more traffic and more sales.

Evergreen content should play a significant part in your Internet marketing. The value it brings is hard to beat and when you create it, you are making an investment that will bring long-term benefits to your business. Assess your content strategy to find out where you could benefit from evergreen content and make plans to add it to your marketing tactics.