Increase Sales on your Retail Site with Videos

Using videos designed to encourage purchases on your retail site can help you boost sales significantly. Take a look at these statistics:

+ 90% of consumers watch videos online.
+ Affluent consumers prefer video and search to other digital advertising avenues; 41% of them said they took an action after seeing a video or search ad.
+ Retail site visitors who view video stay on a site an average of two minutes longer and are 64% more likely to make a purchase than other website visitors.
+ 51.9% of marketers worldwide report that video is the type of content with the best return on investment.

(Statistics courtesy of Invodo)

Going beyond general promotional videos or entertaining social media videos and producing videos targeted to potential customers and designed to help you make sales will bring huge benefits to your company.

Focus on Calls to Action

Some types of video are more casual and entertaining. They are meant to raise brand awareness and build an audience. However, when it comes to using video to make sales, your videos need to focus on a call to action.

They should be short enough that they allow you to get to the point quickly and finish with a clear call to action that asks visitors to buy something and makes it easy for them to do so, with a link or phone number.

Design Videos for Specific Products

General sales videos that don’t really promote a specific product are rarely effective. On the other hand, videos that promote a specific product or product line and are highly targeted at a specific audience are very successful.

Create video tutorials, reviews or demonstrations that show off individual products and tell viewers why they need them and then ask them to make a purchase.

Highlight Benefits, then Features

One effective persuasive tactic is to focus on the benefits of taking some action before moving on to product features. For example, before you start talking about a product’s specifications, tell viewers how the product will improve their life. Or, before you ask someone to make a purchase, explain how the price is a limited-time offer or how the product has helped other customers.

Share, Share, Share

Even though your sales videos might be designed to publish on your homepage or a specific product’s page, you can still share them in other places to generate interest, drive traffic to your site and make sales. In fact, these kinds of videos often get shared across social media and industry blogs when they announce a new product or introduce new features for a product or service.

Share your videos through your blog and social media accounts and consider including them in press releases you distribute to relevant websites and news outlets.

Sales videos can be very effective when used to their fullest potential. As you use videos as part of your online marketing strategy, consider adding some that are specifically geared toward helping you promote and sell your products, keeping these tips in mind.