Promoting Your Business With Instagram

It comes as no surprise that the photo and video sharing app Instagram is now used by over 300 million monthly users, active users who are liking 2.5 billion photos daily as well as posting over 70 million photos a day. As one of the fastest growing social media applications, Instagram is now used by a range of demographics and has become an important tool for businesses of all sizes in interacting with their audience.

For some businesses, using Instagram in smart and creative ways has led to the platform becoming an essential part of their social media strategies. Why? because Instagram has one of the highest counts of interaction across all social media. Creating visual stimulation with high quality photographs and videos, companies are producing engaging content that dramatically improves brand affinity, product desirability and brand authenticity. There are many illustrated cases studies of big brands championing Instagram, but how can your small to medium sized business strive in this fast paced environment?

Using Instagram to gain valuable results is simpler than it seems. One of the main issues putting businesses off of using the platform is that news feeds are constantly updated and old content gets pushed further and further out of sight by the minute. First of all, this is incorrect. If a user is following you on Instagram then your content will make it’s way into their feed as they scroll down to catch up on anything they have missed throughout the day. But how do you attract followers in the first place?

As Instagram points out, it’s important to go into the platform with a clear message and content strategy. Being a consistent provider of high quality and relevant content is key, but it is equally important to be as creative as you are relevant. The most popular brands using Instagram have learned how to really have fun with the platform and give their content a more personal and engaging touch while maintaining both their branding and an overall consistency in the mood and message of their content, such as P&Co. for example.

P&Co. are a small clothing company who have branded their Instagram using a recognisable style guide in which they combine their own products with models, environments and filters that represent the look and feel that they want to portray and be associated with. Finding activities, environments and other products to associate your brand with can help you to establish a company image and expand upon your fan base, especially when you use relevant hashtags for your image or video. This is one of the main ways in which people can discover your content along with ‘photos you may like’ that appear on the search tab.

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