Improve Your Social Media Profiles’ Performance with a Quick Makeover

Every so often your social media profiles need a makeover. Whether you are rebranding, adding something new to your business or are just ready to change things up a little, there are lots of easy ways you can breathe new life into your profile.

Should I Change My Profile?

It is usually wise to keep some consistency on your brand’s profile pages. Sticking with the same look, colors and general theme of your page will ensure that you stay on brand and that your followers can instantly recognize your company.

However, there are times when a change can be very helpful. For example, if your company has recently rebranded, made a change in the type of product it sells or has partnered with another company, it is probably time to update your profile’s look.

Updating your profile periodically, but keeping with the same general theme can also boost engagement on your page. Adding something new, interesting and out of the ordinary can sometimes be just the thing to get more comments and interactions.

3 Quick Social Media Profile Changes to Make

Adding something new or changing the way your social media profiles look doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process.

Change Your Profile and Cover Photos

Changing your profile and cover photos does more than just change the way your profile looks. It can also prompt readers who are skimming news feeds to pause and read your updates. If your profile picture has stayed the same for months, or worse, years, your voice has likely started to get lost in all the noise. Stand out and be heard again with a new profile picture.

Unilever’s Facebook page has an eye-catching cover photo that shows off the company’s current product offerings.

Update Your Links and Bio

Check to see if the links you share (other social media accounts, your website, a blog, etc.) are up to date. Then, use each of your accounts to promote the others. Sometimes your users may heavily use another channel, but are unaware that you use it too. A simple update letting your Facebook fans know they can find you on Instagram too is a great way to boost your fan base.

The BBC’s Twitter profile page has a current bio and a custom background.

Your bio should also reflect your current business goals and be written with your target market in mind. Social media bios need to be rewritten or tweaked periodically.

Rethink Your Strategy

Have you been posting the same, boring content for months? If what you are doing isn’t working, try something new. Sometimes a social media strategy will work for a time, and then become outdated as interest drops, there are changes in the community or industry or as your “new thing” isn’t so new anymore.

Try changing the style of your posts, adding more images, promoting your products differently, engaging users, hosting a contest or using social media to unveil a big company announcement. Get creative and try to find ways to add some interest to your account so it will be more attractive to followers and less likely to get marked as spam.

Making a few small changes can refresh your online presence and even help you reach your social media goals.