Improve Your Marketing With Social Media Insights

Your Social Media Insights could tell you what’s working and what’s not for your business.

There’s a lot to view and consider behind the scenes when it comes to running your Social Media and obtaining a consistent online presence. Social Media has become more technical over the years, and thanks to Social Media Insights, it now enables businesses to really get into the minute details about their audience, engagement and following.

If you’re wondering how to improve social media marketing or you’re new to a social media analytics tool or you’ve never really thought to look at them before now, it’s a great time to familiarise yourself with the tools and techniques included and how you can use them to your advantage.

What are Social Media Insights?

On most Social Media platforms there will be an Insights or Analytics tool, which tracks how your pages and accounts are doing, and spits out detailed and up to date data for you to analyse and act upon. Social Media Insights tools may differ slightly or work a little differently on different platforms, so it’s a good idea to look into the ones you use and get used to the process. You need to be able to make sense of the results given to you if you want to improve your following and grow your customer base!

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights gives a clear view of how your Facebook page is doing generally. The tool enables you to view in detail where your successes are and where you may need to spend some time altering and changing things. It enables you to view your post reach, engagement and more, and how your followers have increased or decreased (and when!).

Facebook Insights

At the side of the Insights page, each section is branched off, so you can look at each section in turn and analyse where appropriate. If you notice a dip in a certain graph, you’ll know where things may be slipping and where you need to improve. Maybe one month was quieter on your page than the previous month – what type of content were you posting? Or maybe you saw a huge rise in activity for one certain post. See what your audience like and use more of it! Be sure to tailor everything you post to your target market, or you won’t get much interest!

Twitter Analytics

With over 330 million monthly users on Twitter, your business needs to be on the ball when it comes to Marketing! Analysing your every move on this fast flowing platform is essential if you really want to use Twitter to your advantage.

Twitter Analytics breaks down each month for you, to show which posts have been most popular and gives you a figure for the amounts of:

  • Tweets posted during that month
  • Tweet impressions
  • Profile visits
  • Mentions
  • New followers
Twitter analytics

The tool doesn’t appear as complex as Facebook Insights, but is good to give you and idea of which Tweets stood out from the rest and what type of content is the most popular with your followers.

Looking at your Twitter Analytics on a mobile is a little different as there isn’t a specific page for this (yet!) To view your analytics, you’ll have to go on each individual Tweet you have posted to find out all the detail!

Instagram Insights

In September 2017, there were 800 million monthly active users on Instagram, up from 600 million a year earlier. It goes without saying that this number will only get bigger and bigger! The photo sharing platform also has it’s own Insights tool, which is very simple to use and understand.

Instagram allows businesses to really gain a close relationship with followers and different communities, and learn about them in terms of the sort of content they like to see and what they react most to. The big way of testing this is through #hashtags –¬†Instagram tells you how popular certain tags are and how many people are using them across the platform. Exploring this may even give you some ideas for future content!

Instagram Insights

This Insights view includes a compact version of what you’d expect to see on your Facebook and Twitter profiles, and looks back at the last week of posts to analyse. The tool allows users to see the impressions, reach, profile views and click links to your bio link, as well as a number of other useful insights:

  • Your account – the overview of your account within the last 7 days compared to the previous week, and how engagement may or may not have changed.
  • Your posts – the ability to sort types of posts to view their performance and popularity.
  • Your followers – this is an important insight; see the age brackets and genders of your following…is this your target audience? You’ll be able to see easily whether the content you are posting out there is appropriate.

An overview

If you take your Social Media seriously, using Social Media Insights should definitely be in your top priority when running your pages. Whichever platform you use, the creators have made it easy to find, view and assess how well your content is doing. They enable you to really get to know your following, what your target market are looking for on Social Media and you can predict the sorts of content that will get your audience talking and engaging.

If your business is struggling with Social Media Marketing and are looking for expert help to grow your brand online, then you’re in the right place! Bigfoot Digital have an expert team of Marketers who live and breath all things Social Media. Get in touch with us today on 01226 720755 – we’d love to hear from you!

As with Instagram, it’s worth doing a bit of #hashtag research, especially with Twitter! There are websites you can use to find out which hashtags are popular in certain areas or for a certain subject you may be speaking about. Experiment with sites like Hashtagify – find out which tags will help you grab more attention and which platform will be the best to use them! Spending time doing some research will really help in the long run.