5 Proven Ways to Improve E-commerce Conversion Rate

Create a sense of urgency to your digital marketing strategy to improve e-commerce conversion rate this Christmas

Nothing kills an e-commerce conversion rate more than a hesitant customer. Giving people the option to return again later is like saying “go ahead, shop around first.” No one wants to give a customer that option, especially at Christmas when competition of sales is at its peak. There is one tactic guaranteed to keep people on your site for longer: urgency.

So, how do you improve conversion rate through increased urgency? You don’t want to seem pushy or demand sales from customers. In this article we will discuss the ways to increase conversion rate without being so obvious.

1) Offer delivery in time for Christmas Day

When it comes to Christmas, managing expectations is so important. There’s nothing worse than a customer that orders online hoping to receive their parcel in time for Christmas Day, only to find it arrives the following week – oops. “Order now for delivery in time for Christmas” is the message you need to make clear to customers. Post it on social media, create a banner for your website and send out targeted email marketing campaigns. There should be no reason for them to return later. Your customers are here and should purchase now to avoid disappointment later.

2) Send Abandoned Cart Emails

Cart abandonment is huge problem with online shoppers. Almost 70% of all online shoppers abandon their shopping cart. In other words, 7 out of 10 potential customers will not complete their order with you. To incentivise them to follow up on their purchase, give them a gentle nudge in the direction of your website. Set up automated messaging to abandoned cart customers to prompt a last-minute sale. Better still? Offer them a discounted price if they purchase before Christmas.

Target these customers with a remarketing campaign that follows them around the internet with the offer of discounted products. You’ll increase brand awareness as well as drive more sales to that particular product or service.  

3) Promote Limited Stock Products

It’s Christmas, which can mean only one thing: crazy customers. We mean that in the best possible way. People are rushing around to get their hands on items that are selling out faster than retailers can restock. For that reason, these limited stock items are the best ones to push in the run up to Christmas. Install UTM tracking on your product pages to see who is visiting your page, where they are coming from, as well as the campaign that directed them there. Be sure to reach out to these visitors with a prompt of “limited stock – buy now!”

4) Offer Free Shipping for a Limited Time Only

Though people are used to shopping online, it can be a shock when faced with the additional cost of shipping. They probably still have a list of people yet to buy for this Christmas. Giving the gift of free shipping is going to make their lives much easier – plus encourage conversions for your e-commerce business.

5) Offer Discounts for Returning Customers

There’s a clear focus with retailers on attracting new customers. But, what about repeat customers? They have purchased from your website before and have returned for a second time. They may just need a subtle nudge in the right direction (towards the checkout!)

Everyone loves free stuff. Offer your buyers a discount code or coupon at the checkout. People’s fear of missing out on something great will increase their urgency to repurchase. Plus, with all those presents they must buy in time for Christmas, there may even be a second purchase to be made.

Conclusion for improved e-commerce conversions

There are countless conversion tactics that not only get your customers through the door, but encourage them to hit that buy it now button. Think about revisiting your sales and marketing funnel as remarketing is a clear winner when it comes to repeat custom.

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