If Your Social Media Buttons aren’t in these 5 Places, then You are Missing Out

How do you get more social media followers? You probably use a variety of strategies to get more followers and more “likes” and you work to drive traffic to your accounts. In addition to those strategies, you need to be showing off your social media accounts wherever possible.

There are five main places you need to add social media buttons in order to gain more followers and get more out of social media marketing.


It may seem like an obvious place, but far too many businesses don’t put social media buttons in a prominent place on their website. Keep in mind that your visitors may leave your site when they click on your buttons, but if your goal is to drive people to your social media accounts, this strategy is a good one.

Try putting the buttons near the top of your page, on a side bar or in another area where they can’t be missed. Also be sure your buttons are easy to read so your visitors know what they are.

Blog Posts

Each of your blog posts should have links to your social media accounts. Some businesses use buttons that allow readers to share the content on social media, which is beneficial, but it can also be helpful to use buttons that allow readers to connect with you on social media.

Using buttons here will help you target two audiences: the people that visit your blog and the people that see your content through social media, RSS feeds or other means. Both of these audiences can help your business grow if they know you have social media accounts and know how to connect with you.

Email Signature

Your email signature is another important place to include links to your social media pages. When you add links to your Facebook, Twitter, Intagram or other social media accounts, every single person you send an email to will know you use social media and how to connect with you.

But, don’t stop with your personal email account. You should also include social media buttons in marketing emails, promotional emails, email receipts and any other form of email communication your business uses.

Product or Checkout Pages

People who buy things from your business, or your current customers, are likely to want to connect with you on social media. These people probably already like your brand and support your business, so they may want to connect with you to show their support, stay up to date with your business and access and share your content.

Encourage these people to become social media followers by including social media buttons on your product and checkout pages. Then, as customers are browsing your products and making purchases, when they are most likely having positive thoughts about your brand, they can easily find you on social media.

Biography or “About Me” Sections

If you use biographies or “about me” sections, you should include links to your social media pages in the copy or as buttons. These sections are often used for:

  • Guest Blog Posts
  • Blogs with Several Contributors
  • Employee Directories on Company Websites
  • “About Pages” on Websites
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases

When people read these paragraphs, they want to know more about you or your business, so they will probably be interested in social media accounts that let them interact with you.

The more ways you can spread the word about your social media accounts and show people how to connect with you, the faster your accounts will grow. Start boosting your social media accounts now by adding buttons or links to them in these five places.