Ideas for Maintaining Attention on Social Media

Social media is most effective when you can maintain your market’s attention

You tend to gain more attention when you run a special campaign, offer deals, hold a contest or launch a new product, but then that attention is at risk of decreasing if you don’t consciously try to maintain in.

Effective social media marketing requires constant maintenance and upkeep, but you also need to have a specific strategy so you can keep peoples’ attention and your accounts will remain a valuable part of your online marketing plans.

Host a Regular Online Event

One of the simplest ways to maintain attention and keep people coming back to your pages is to host a regular online event. Think Twitter chats, giveaways, photo contests, product highlights, customer spotlights or location spotlights. These kinds of things can be done on a regular basis so people will keep coming back for more.

Regular online events, that are held weekly or monthly for example, will also help you build an online brand and generate some social media interaction, both of which can benefit your business in big ways.

Continually ask for and Respond to Feedback

Keeping your accounts alive by asking for feedback and responding to comments is another great way to maintain attention. Of course, the people involved in the conversations you are having or who participated in a poll will be interested enough to keep checking in on your page, but others may also be watching, even if they aren’t participating.

This will also give you some great opportunities to serve your customers and attract potential customers. You will also be building your online brand and reputation.

Make your Content Valuable and Different

It’s a common piece of advice that you should make your content valuable to your market, but you should also make sure it is different. Content that is unique captures attention and provides value your social media followers can’t get anywhere else, even if that’s just entertainment.

Being different on social media will help you stand out and maintain followers who are interested to see what you post and will likely help you share your content. With this strategy, make sure your content is valuable to your target market and would attract people that are likely to be interested in your business and products.

Mix Things up Once in a While

Bring something new to your social media accounts every so often to mix things up and keep people interested. Something as simple as posting updates for an event, running a summer campaign with promotional videos or even adopting a branded hashtag can help you get attention online and then keep it.

This strategy is most effective when the changes you make support other parts of your marketing campaign. Look for ways to tie brand awareness efforts, events and content marketing to your social media marketing to both maintain attention and make your efforts more successful.

These ideas can help you keep your market’s attention on social media, which is an important part of making your accounts effective and pushing your social media marketing forward.