How will you use Twitter’s New Conversational Ads?

Twitter has just introduced a new type of ad, and it’s one that is meant to drive engagement and help businesses reach more people.

What are Conversational Ads?

Conversational Ads are similar to promoted tweets but include call to action buttons that let Twitter users interact with the brand, while at the same time helping promote it. The call to action buttons use hashtags that your business can customise, and when clicked on, allow the user to compose a new tweet, which includes that hashtag.

This example from Twitter shows what the ad looks like. It’s a clean layout with a tweet, image or video, and then two call to action buttons inviting users to tweet using a branded hashtag.

When someone engages with your ad, he sees a thank-you message with a URL you can use to direct people to your website. The generated tweet then appears in the user’s timeline along with your photo or video and the hashtag call to action buttons, inviting engagement from his followers.

What do these Ads bring to Businesses?

Conversational Ads give you one more way you can encourage your fans to engage with your brand. With traditional promoted tweets, users can always like a tweet or retweet it, but those options aren’t anything special and don’t allow for much creativity.

With this new format, you can use promotional copy that captures interest and that lets users express their opinions, become brand ambassadors and participate in your giveaways or special advertising campaigns.

Conversational Ads also have a lot of power to boost social media marketing campaigns that use branded hashtags, as you can make it easier for your fans to use them. And, when they do, they are helping you share your message.

How can Businesses get Started?

As of now, Conversational Ads are still in beta mode, so they aren’t available to everyone. However, you should watch for the feature to come to your Twitter account in the near future.

When this option is available for all businesses, you’ll be able to get the most out of it by integrating it into your other online marketing strategies. Look for ways you can use hashtags for both your Twitter marketing strategy and Conversational Ads and find ways they can support your overall marketing and business goals.

For example, you could run Conversational Ads as part of your new product launch, adding a hashtag that you use for these ads as well as live tweets during your events. Don’t forget to include photos or videos to make your ads stand out online and to make them even more engaging.

Social media advertising is a great way to use the channel to reach very specific demographics, as you’ll have the power to target users with specially designed content meant to spur them to action. Conversational Ads will give your business one more way to use Twitter as an online marketing tool and encourage your fans to engage with your brand.