How to Use YouTube for SEO Purposes

There’s no question that YouTube is an excellent channel to use for video marketing. You can use the site to share your marketing videos, build a following, interact with your market and even broadcast live events. But, did you know you can also use it to bolster your search engine optimisation efforts?

When you use YouTube the right way, and take advantage of some features and options, you can actually increase your site’s rankings, making it easier for your market to find you through search engines.

Use YouTube’s Features

First, when you upload your video to YouTube, take full advantage of all the features on the site.

Add Links to the Description

Write a good description of your video and include keywords that link back to your website. Do this strategically, using the best keywords for your business and linking to the pages you want to rank.

Use YouTube Tags

YouTube tags are a great way to make your video more findable. If appropriate, use tags that are keywords, but if not, choose tags that make the most sense for your video and market.

Use Geotags

You can add a location for your YouTube video, which can help with local SEO efforts. Keep in mind that this tactic may be best suited for small, local businesses or videos that are created for a specific location of a national business.

Leverage Other Social Media Networks

Once your video is uploaded and optimised on YouTube, the next step is to use other social media networks to promote it.

Connect Your Video to Your Google Places Page and Google+ Local Page

First, add your video to your Google Places page, which will also help with local SEO efforts. Then, add it to your Google+ Local page. Connecting all your content across Google’s services will help you create a stronger brand and bring SEO benefits.

Promote Your Video through Social Media

Now, use your other social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites, to promote your video. Of course, this will help you get the desired results from the video, but it will also help it rank higher as it gets more views.

Go Beyond the YouTube Post

Get the most out of your YouTube videos by taking things a step further, and going beyond the YouTube post and social media.

Create and Post a Transcript

Search engines can’t read the content of your video, so creating a transcript that you post online makes it more search-engine friendly. Where possible, use keywords and add links to your website. You can post the transcript on your website and on other sites to help you build links.

Embed Videos on Your Site

It’s best to host your videos on YouTube, but, embedding them on your site can help you rank for them. According to Search Engine Land, the number of times a video is embedded can also impact how well it ranks.

As you use marketing videos to promote your business, use these tips to make sure you don’t miss out on the SEO benefits you could also get from high-quality, targeted videos.