How to Use Your Blog to Do Market Research

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Have you ever thought about using your blog to do market research? Believe it or not, you can use it to help you learn more about your readers, customers and even your market in general.

To use your blog to do research, it needs to be well established. You need to publish to it regularly, and ideally, it needs to have a sizeable audience. If no one reads your blog, or if you have a hard time driving traffic to it, the information and data you gather won’t be very helpful.

Informal Research

Blogs are an excellent way to do some informal research about your market. First, you can learn a lot about your readers by observing what happens on your blog. Tracking things likes which blog posts are more popular, what your readers say in comments, and how often your blog posts are shared can help you understand what makes your market tick.

Another way to do informal research is to ask your market a direct question and then read the responses in the comments. This can give you insight into what your readers are thinking and you can ask all kinds of questions, gathering all kinds of information.

You should use your blog to listen to your market. To get the best responses, ask questions that will help you direct your marketing efforts. Also, share your blog posts through social media accounts so you can get more responses and reach a broader audience.

Formal Research

You can also you use your blog to conduct more formal research. This kind of research can give you some figures and numbers that can tell you about your market and how you can get potential customers to respond to your calls to action.

One of the most basic ways to do formal research through your blog is to conduct polls and surveys. You can ask all kinds of questions to learn how your market feels about a variety of things. Surveys and polls can include multiple-choice and open-ended questions. Polls work well for just one or two questions, but if you want to gather more information from a very specific group, a survey will work better.

Don’t forget blog analytics. You may not see this as a form of market research, but statistics like how many visitors your blog gets, how long they stay on your site, which pages they navigate to, and where they come from can tell you a lot about your market.

Make checking your analytics on a regular basis a habit and look for more details than just how well your blog is performing. Try to read through the numbers to find out who your market is. When you look at analytics this way, you can better understand your market as people, and not just as statistics, which can help you do better marketing.

Your blog can be more than a means of sharing information; it can be a tool for learning more about your market. As you use your blog to learn about your readers, market and potential customers, you can refine both your blogging and your overall marketing strategies to make them more effective.