How to Use Twitter to Find Your Next Customers

Do you use Twitter to find your next customers? You may already use it to connect with your market and promote your brand, but do you use it specifically to find sales leads and people who will purchase your products or services? When used the right way, Twitter can help you accomplish several business and marketing goals, including finding new customers.

Using Twitter to find and connect with future customers directly requires some strategies and actions that are different from the ones you use to market your business on social media in general. But, when you begin seeing Twitter as a customer-recruiting tool, you will find new ways to leverage the social media’s strengths to build your business.

Start By Finding Future Customers

First, find people who fall into your target market by doing some keyword searches. For example, if you sell office supplies, do a search for “office supplies” and terms like “printer paper,” or “whiteboard” and see who is talking about these things. It may take you some time to find keywords that help you find your target market.

You can follow your future customers if you want. However, you can use Twitter to increase your sales without following customers but by interacting with them. The latter approach is usually more conducive to business goals and will help you strengthen your brand.

Interact with Future Customers

The next step is to start interacting with potential customers. When you see someone tweeting about your keywords, take a look at his profile and determine if he may be interested in what your business does. Then, find some way to respond to the tweet. Light conversations and simple comments are a great way to interact with future customers. The idea is to get your name out there among your potential customers so that your business and brand become synonymous with what you do.

Some ways you can interact with your future customers include:

  • Having friendly conversations
  • Answering questions
  • Suggesting products
  • Providing solutions
  • Thanking customers
  • Retweeting positive feedback

One of the biggest ways you can connect with future customers on Twitter is to show them how your business and products provide the best solution. For example, if someone posts a tweet that says she needs new business cards, you could reply with a link to your product page for business card printing.

The goal of each of these approaches is to show your potential customers who you are. By engaging in conversation with them you are marketing your business and giving people solutions, which will lead to more sales. Notice that some of these approaches include interacting with past customers. When you interact with this group, you are more likely to retain them as customers and you will build a positive online reputation for your brand.

One tip is to make some of your replies public by adding a period before the “at” symbol in front of a user’s Twitter name. Doing this will spread your tweets to a larger audience.

While you promote your brand and directly contact potential customers, be careful that you don’t come across as spammy or overbearing. Your tweets should be helpful while not being pushy. Finding the right tone and voice will help you connect and engage with your future customers so you can increase your sales.