How to: Use Twitter Lists

Twitter can be an overwhelming place – it’s fast paced and ever-changing – but there are huge benefits to be found there once you tumble down the rabbit hole and start to get to grips with the huge community.

Although it seems basic compared to Facebook or Google+, Twitter is surprisingly functional. Team it up with a good desktop programme like TweetDeck and you’ll have all the ingredients for increasing your reach and influence.

Twitter Lists is one of the slightly hidden and vastly under-used tools which every Social Media Marketer should be using. Once you hit the 500 following mark, your Twitter feed is going to leave you feeling like you’re constantly playing catch up. How on earth can you ever be part of that conversation when it’s happening faster that you can read?

One way is to use Lists and TweetDeck to bunch the people you follow into groups. Be warned, that these lists are public, so be careful what you name it. Once you have your lists built you can then set up columns in TweetDeck to only show tweets from those people. And hey presto, you’ll have an easier time following and interacting with those most important to you.

You can also use lists to follow groups of people without actually following them. So you can still retweet influential people without hugely increasing the number of people you follow.

Here are some influential people with interesting lists:

Robert Scoble – highly influential in the tech world, and with a vast array of lists for you to follow.

Stephen Fry, needs no introduction. Check out the lists he is included in for similarly influential and RT worthy people.

Arianna Huffington – Great for news and politics lists.

Randi Zuckerberg – ex Facebook marketing and current media queen, great lists including SMM, Women in Tech, and PR/ Marketing.