How to Use Press Releases for SEO Purposes

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Traditionally, press releases are used in public relations campaigns to gain press coverage for a company. Press releases used to be distributed manually through email to reporters at newspapers or television stations. Now, press releases are commonly distributed through distribution services, which send press releases out in mass to news outlets and websites.

As search engine optimisation has developed, press releases have been used to help boost search engine rankings. Using press releases for search engine optimisation requires some changes and enhancements to the traditional format.

Choose a Newsworthy Topic

Just like a regular press release, your SEO press release needs to have a newsworthy topic. In fact, to even be accepted by many distribution services, the release must have a current events aspect. Think new products, new company leadership, company events, contests, new technology in your industry or record sales numbers. You can also piggyback off of big news stories if you can find a way to relate them to your company.

Use Keywords and Links

If you want your press release to be indexed by search engines and to help your company’s search engine rankings, you’ll need to use keywords. Do research to make sure you are choosing the best keywords, and then use them in the title, headings and throughout the press release as anchor text for links. Avoid keyword stuffing, which will lead to your release being rejected by distribution services or just not getting picked up by websites.

Aim for High Page Rank Sites

Press releases can help you score big by helping you get links on major sites with high page ranks. If you want your release to be republished on a big-name site it has to be high quality. The subject matter, writing and style of the release all need to be professional. If you want to target specific sites, find ones that fit your niche and then write the release with the site’s audience in mind.

Publish Press Releases on Your Site

You can use your press releases as a way to keep fresh content on your site. Search engines like sites that are updated frequently, and press releases can be a great way to add new content to your site on a regular basis. Create a news section on your website and post your press releases as you write them.

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Use a Search Engine Optimised Boilerplate

Your boilerplate, the paragraph that goes at the end of each of your press releases that describes your company and brand, should also be optimised. If you are already using a boilerplate for traditional press releases or other marketing material, make some changes to include keywords and a link back to your website. This is the place where you’re expected to make a plug for your business, so you can easily gain a link to your site here without looking like you are self-promoting too much.

Using press releases for search engine optimisation is a common strategy. To execute it well for your brand, keep these guidelines in mind and you’ll successfully build your company’s reputation and search engine rankings.