How to Use Pinterest’s Built in Analytics

Until recently, measuring your brand’s success on Pinterest was difficult. There are some third-party analytics tools that businesses can use to measure their efforts on the popular social media site, but now Pinterest has unrolled its own built in analytics, making this task much easier.

To access the analytics, you’ll need to make sure your account is set as a business account. Then, when you click on the “Settings” option in the top right-hand corner you can select “Analytics.” With the analytics tool, you can easily find statistics related to your account so you can track your social media strategy’s goals and progress.

Pins and Pinners from Your Website

The number of pins from your website shows the daily average number of items pinned from your website while the number of pinners shows the daily average number of unique people pinning content from your site. When you know this number, you can understand if people feel that your content is worthy of sharing on Pinterest.

If the number of pins from your website is low, you can experiment with different types of content or images until you find what sparks more pins.

Repins, Repinners and Most Repinned

The “Repins” and “Repinners” numbers show the daily average number of repins, or repinners (people who repin your content), of pins from your website. Again, this statistic can help you understand how shareable your content is.

The “Most Repinned” section shows you the pins that are repinned the most often. This allows you to quickly see which pieces of your content are the most popular on Pinterest.

Impressions and Reach

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The number next to “Impressions” shows you the daily average number of times your pins show up in the general feed. It includes the number of times they appear in search results and on boards across Pinterest.

The statistic labeled as “Reach” can help you understand how the number of impressions are helping you get your content in front of a larger audience. “Reach” is defined as the daily average number of people who saw your pins. The “Impressions” and “Reach” statistics can show you how widespread your Pinterest content is.

Clicks, Most Clicked and Visits

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The number of clicks is the number of times a pin is clicked. Keep in mind that pins from your website direct traffic to your site, so this number can help you determine which pins are generating more site traffic.

You can also see which content is clicked on the most, so you can quickly and easily find out which pins entice Pinterest users to click through to your website. The number of visits shows you how many times people visited your site from Pinterest. This information can help you find ways to create more interesting site content and share it creatively on Pinterest.

These common analytics can help you use Pinterest more successfully as you understand what kind of content resonates with Pinterest users and find ways to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website.