How to use Instagram to Drive Traffic to your Site

Using Instagram to boost brand awareness and build an online audience is common, but using it to drive traffic is something many businesses skip. As people become aware of your brand and engaged with your Instagram account, you can leverage that presence to increase traffic to your site.

Increased site traffic can lead to more blog followers, more brand awareness and more sales. So how do you tap into this social network to get more site visitors? Here’s how to get started.

Step 1: Perfect your Bio

Revisit your Instagram biography and decide if it is helping you invite people to visit your website or engage with your brand. First, strategically choose the link you use here and remember, you don’t necessarily have to link to your home page. You may decide to send people to a landing page for a specific product or to your blog, depending on your current goals.

Then, make sure the text in your bio tells people who you are and piques their interest enough that they want to click on the link. Consider giving people a glimpse of what they can find on your site or using a clear call to action.

Visit London’s bio includes a call to action, hashtag and link to its website.

Step 2: Cultivate an Audience

This step is one that should be ongoing; you should always be working to cultivate a loyal Instagram audience. Do this by posting interesting photos and videos, following others and engaging with people as they “like” and comment on your posts.

You can also publicise your account through your other online marketing channels, like your blog, email marketing, and other social media accounts, and even through traditional marketing channels like events and printed collateral.

Step 3: Pay Attention to Captions

Don’t neglect your posts’ captions! Your photos’ captions can be extremely powerful in helping you drive traffic to your site. They can tell people about your business and products and entice them to visit your website. While you can’t add clickable links to your captions, you can include URLs and ask people to click on the link in your bio.

Remember, your captions can include calls to action too. They can ask people to visit your blog for a free sample, enter a contest, post a photo of themselves using your products or even ask them to provide feedback through the comments.

National Geographic’s caption gives people a reason to visit its site and then includes a simple URL.

Step 4: Post Photos from your Site

Finally, post photos from your site to show people what they can find there. This shows people what you have to offer and gives them a sneak peek at resources on your website, blog posts or other content.

Be sure to use the caption to tell people that the photo is from your newest blog post (or other type of content) and then share the URL. Since the URL won’t be clickable, make sure it is short and easy to remember or to copy and paste. You can also place a watermark of the URL on your image so people won’t miss it.

BBC News posts photos from articles and then asks followers to visit their site by sharing a memorable URL.

As you grow a loyal Instagram following, you can use your account to drive traffic to your website. Use these steps to get started and experiment with your own brand to find what works best for you audience.