How to Use Images to Build Your Brand

Image courtesy of Anne Marthe Widvey/Flickr.

We’ve all heard the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. Images can have an enormous impact on how your target market views your business and can help you build and shape your brand. But, using images the right way takes some planning and thought. If you use pictures on your website, blog, social media accounts, landing pages, or any other online marketing tactic, you need to know how you can leverage them to help you build your brand.

Avoid the Expected

Stock photos can be great, but the problem is that many times these images are too expected. When people visit your website or read your blog posts, surprise them with the pictures you choose. Don’t use cop out images that are boring and overused. Instead, look for original images with interesting points of view, colors or movement. You can also add interest by using images that portray abstract thoughts or ideas. These kinds of images capture the interest of your audience and help your content stand out, especially when you share it on social media.

Maintain a Constant Look and Feel

When you choose images for things like your website and your social media account profiles, use the same look and feel for all of your images. When someone visits your online properties, the first thing he sees is the images, so they can be a powerful way to immediately tell people what your brand is all about. Too many different styles can be confusing and won’t help you define your brand very clearly.

Use the Best Quality

Whenever you use pictures, they should be of the best quality. Professional images with good lighting, strong composition and clear images are extremely important when it comes to telling your market you are professional and should be taken seriously. If your images are fuzzy or look like an amateur took them, your brand will come across as inexperienced or even cheap. Avoid this by using only the best pictures throughout your digital marketing tactics.

Tell a Story

The images you choose should help you tell a story. They should be as much a part of the content as the words in a blog post or the sales information on a landing page. Look at your pictures and ask yourself what they tell you about your business and how they make you feel. Those characteristics should match the brand you are trying to build. Colors, facial expressions, size and style can all help you tell a story about your brand and products.

Appeal to Your Market

You already appeal to your market through most of your digital marketing tactics. You need to do the same thing with you images. As you choose pictures for your website, content, social media accounts and email marketing campaigns, use images that will appeal to your market. This could mean using pictures that feature people like your customers or it could mean using pictures that have a certain feel to them. You can also use pictures to encourage your audience to respond to your calls to action. For example, if you want the people in your audience to buy your product you could use images of people like them using your product to make their life easier.

Using images to build your brand is all about using them to tell a story. Find pictures that tell people what your brand stands for and that appeal to your target market. As you do this, your brand will become stronger and you will be able to reach your target more successfully.