How to Use Google Plus to Reach Your Market

You have probably heard the claims that Google Plus is a ghost town, that it has very few users and that it isn’t worth the time and effort to use it for social media marketing. But, these claims couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to GlobalWebIndex, Google Plus has 359 million active users. But, that’s not all. GlobalWebIndex also reports that the relatively new social media site has 1,203 million visits per month. In contrast, Facebook has 809 million and Twitter has 416 million visits per month.

These statistics show that Google Plus is a viable marketing channel that your business should take advantage of. How do you do that? Here are a few tips.

Create a Complete and Useful Profile

Just like any other social media profile, your Google Plus profile needs to be complete and useful. Make sure you use a good description of your business and that things like contact information and business hours are up to date. Don’t forget that you can include links in your profile, so take this chance to link to your website, blog or anywhere else.

Google Plus allows you to create a personalised URL, so you can get rid of that long string of random letters and numbers and replace it with something more memorable and something that reflects your brand.

Build Your Audience with Strong Promotion

Since Google Plus is still relatively new, you may have to put extra effort into promoting your page. You can use buttons and badges provided by Google on your website and blog and you can even use your other social media channels to promote your Google Plus page. Don’t forget to use things like email marketing, blog posts and even traditional marketing tactics to publicise your page.

As you promote your page, you might find it helpful to offer incentives and good reasons for people to connect with you there. Things like giveaways can be good, or you can simply brand your page as a place where followers get inside information first, or information your market won’t want to miss out on.

Use the Channel Consistently

If you want to build a large following and strong Google Plus community, you need to use the channel consistently. Post your content, converse with others and share content from other users. Becoming part of the existing community and making your voice known will help you get more followers, which will make your page an even more valuable marketing tool.

Build Circles and Use them Strategically

Another essential way to build your community and use Google Plus for marketing is to start following other users. Google Plus allows you to group your connections into circles, so you can easily create niche lists and use them strategically as you market your business.

Think of these circles as different markets or sub markets that you can send personalised messages to. Different markets require different messaging, information, and tactics, and Google Plus makes it easy to deliver custom marketing messages to each of your groups.

Your business can’t afford to discount the power of Google Plus. With a very active user base and features that lend themselves to social media marketing, this social network can help you enhance your digital marketing strategies.