How to Start and Manage a Blog People Will Read

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One reason to start and write a blog is to gain readers. Your business needs a way to connect with its audience, make announcements and keep its publics updated. Of course, search engine optimisation is another reason to start and maintain a blog, but this post will focus on gaining a readership.

There aren’t many rights or wrongs when it comes to blogging. Each industry and niche is slightly different from the next, so each type of reader will also be different. However, there are some general guidelines that can help you discover what will make your blog more successful.

Ask Yourself “So What?”

If you don’t care what kind of content is on your blog, why should potential readers care? Before you choose a blog topic, and even before you write a post, ask yourself, “So what?” Then, if you can outline some solid reasons the content you are thinking of sharing will be valuable to someone, then you probably have a good idea for a starting point.

Find Out What People Want

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Try to discover what people, especially your business’ market, want. Are they looking for advice? Do they want discounts or information on new products? Do they want a way to get an inside look at your company? You can find out what your public wants by doing market research or simply by listening to comments you receive on social media or through your customer service department.

Create a Stellar Design

Yes, the content on your blog is very important, but the design will set the tone for your blog. Having an easy to navigate and well-designed blog will tell readers your site is professional and trust worthy. Design can also go a long way in encouraging readers to spend more time on your blog or to share your content.

Use Interesting Post Titles

Make your titles something your readers want to click on. Titles should show that the content is useful and interesting and should also be short and to the point. Post titles are sometimes used in search results (depending on your blog’s settings and title descriptions), so keep in mind that people who read your titles may be looking for something specific as the browse search results.

Listen to Your Readers and be Willing to Make Changes

Ultimately, your readers will give you some of the best advice on how to make your blog better. As people begin leaving comments, listen for feedback and don’t be afraid to implement some of the suggestions they make. After all, these people are the audience you want to attract, so they can tell you how to build your audience even more.

Making your blog successful and drawing in readers takes time and practice. Follow these guidelines to find topics that interest your audience and to find out what may inspire new readers to follow your blog. As your blog develops, you’ll quickly learn what kind of content works and what kind doesn’t, so you’ll be able to manage your blog effectively.