How to restore your Facebook page

It’s every social media managers biggest fear; that you’ll wake up one morning to find your Facebook Page has been disabled by the powers that be at Facebook HQ for violating a term you weren’t even aware of. Although any social media manager worth their salt will know Facebook’s terms inside out, we all make mistakes, and sometimes you can unintentionally break on of their rules without meaning to.

This is precisely what happened to the Facebook page for The Cool Hunter blog, which is a global lifestyle and design blog. Their 775,000 fans will now be left without any Cool Hunter updates, and the blog owner has no way of contacting them to let them know what has happened.

If this did happen to you, would you know what to do?

In most cases you will receive a warning that you are in violation of Facebook’s terms and be given an opportunity to fix the problem. But in some cases, if the violation is considered severe, your page could be disabled without notice. So would you know what to do if you tried to log in and saw this message?

Step One: Don’t panic! Disabled does not mean it has been deleted, so there’s no need to panic just yet. Don’t head to another social network and start slating Facebook, remain professional and don’t draw unnecessary attention to the problem. If you also have a Twitter account or a blog, make a simple announcement saying you’re having problems with your Facebook account and full service will resume soon.

Step Two: Don’t rush to create a new page. In most cases you’ll be able to gain access to your page again, so there’s no need to create a duplicate account. You could end up with fans spread across two accounts, and trying to consolidate them all in to one page could prove tricky.

Step Three: The instructions on the log in screen will tell you to look at the help page for more advice. Don’t waste your time reading about all the possibly reasons your account could have been blocked. Simply send an e-mail to Facebook enquiring as to why your page has been disabled, and assure them you will take all necessary steps to remove the violation if access to your account is restored. Send it to all three of the following addresses:

Step Four: Unless the violation is severe, you should have access to your account again within a few days. Be prepared to act fast when your page access is restored to remove the violation. And in future, be extra careful to not make the same mistake again!