How to Re-enter the Twitter Universe after a Hiatus

If your business took a break from using Twitter because you fell behind, you lacked the resources to use it effectively or you experienced a change in personnel, reentering the Twitter universe can be difficult. It’s hard to pick up exactly where you left off and chances are that you’ve lost a large portion of your engaged audience, or at least lost peoples’ interest.

But, coming back to Twitter after a break is possible, and it’s even possible to have a fresh start that lets you use your account even more effectively for marketing when you start things up again.

Analyse your Current Standing

First, take a look at where your Twitter account currently stands. How many followers do you have? How many people, and what kinds of accounts, are you following? When was the last time you posted? Were you getting engagement before you took a break?

Knowing what your starting point is will help you form a plan that works and help you hit the ground running so this time around your account will be more effective.

Update your Basic Information

Now, make sure the basic information on your account, like your biography, site URL, location, and profile picture, reflect your current brand. Twitter doesn’t provide a lot of room for company information, but you can take advantage of the space you do have to add strategic links and links to other company Twitter accounts in your bio. You may also update your profile picture or cover image as a way to refresh your account and jumpstart it into activity.

Create a Content Calendar and Build Consistency

Now, get ready to be very active on the site by creating a content calendar that will help you stay consistent. Outline exactly what kind of content you want to share and even consider making a list of specific links you want to tweet. Consider how you can use your Twitter account to support your other marketing efforts, like content marketing, blogging and video marketing. Make sure your calendar has consistency and includes some goals so you’ll be more likely to stay active.

Connect to Thought Leaders and Reconnect with Influential Users

Now, take some time to connect with thought leaders and even members of your target market. You likely did this before, but refresh your account by making new connections. When you connect with thought leaders and other users, you can reach a bigger audience if they retweet your posts.

Also take some time to reconnect with influential leaders you already follow or who follow you by sending them a quick message or retweeting their posts. Rekindling your Twitter relationships will help you rebuild your online presence and make your account more valuable.

Use a Foolproof Plan for Activity

Finally, set up a plan that will help you stay active on Twitter. This should include setting aside some time every day to publish posts and interact with other Twitter users. It should also outline how your Twitter account will be used as part of your website, email marketing and other social media accounts. You may consider using a scheduling program to help you regain consistency even when you can’t constantly be connected to Twitter.

If it has been a while since you’ve used your Twitter account for online marketing, these steps will help you get started again in a way that will lead to success.