How To Optimise Your Social Media Accounts for Search Engines

There are many, many benefits to using social media as part of your digital marketing campaign. One of those benefits is that it can help your search engine optimisation efforts. With the most recent Google updates, the search engine has begun placing more weight on social media. Social media activity surrounding your content can help you earn rankings and now that users can log in to Google and see results based partially on what their friends are doing on social media, it is even more important that your social media accounts are search engine optimised.


Two Ways Social Media Marketing Influences SEO

The first way social media influences SEO is that more links, more clicks and more sharing can have an impact on your search rankings. If the content you share on social media is interesting and shareable and is also search engine optimised, it can help boost your rankings for the keywords you are targeting.

Second, when content and topics become popular on social media, they are often searched for more often, thus influencing trending keywords. If your business creates a buzz about a specific product, issue or your own brand, you may be able to generate more queries for certain keywords; ideally keywords your site ranks for.

5 Ways to Optimise Your Social Media Profiles

Use Social Media Sharing Buttons

Make sure your website and blog posts all have social sharing buttons. Of course, your sharing buttons won’t get used much if your content isn’t interesting, relevant or useful. This is one of many reasons it is so important that your content is of high quality, and not just packed full of keywords or links.

Also remember that for Facebook and Twitter, you want to generate more than shares, you want to generate links. Shares do have their place in digital marketing, but links are primarily what will drive your SEO strategy.

Make a Custom URL When Possible

Some social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter allow you to create a custom URL. If it is possible, use a URL that includes keywords and is free of random numbers and letters. Having a keyword-rich URL will benefit your search rankings and will also help you brand your business. Memorable and branded URLs are much memorable, so your target market will be more likely to find and visit your account.

Use Keywords Throughout Your Profile

Just like you work to include keywords in strategic places on your website, you should include them in certain areas on your social media accounts. The title, profile and about section are all great places to include your main keywords.

Create Links to Your Social Media Accounts

Part of your SEO strategy should include linking to your social media accounts. Link to them from your website, blog, guest blog posts, other social media accounts and anywhere else you can. This strategy can also help you increase your social media fan base and following.

Implement Google Authorship

Google Authorship, the practice of linking content to Google Plus profiles is a relatively new technique. Google ranks this content higher because it deems it more relevant. Our Google Author Rank – Essential Guide post can help you get started.

Social media optimization can be a valuable part of your online marketing plan. When combined with your SEO strategy, your social media tactics can become powerful tools that will increase your search rankings.