How to Make Your Tweets More Visual (and Why You Should)

At first blush, Twitter doesn’t seem like a visual social media network. When we think of sharing photos, we think of Instagram and Pinterest, or even Facebook before we think of Twitter. But, tweets with attached photos or Twitter cards can actually bring better results than tweets without images.

The Visual Benefit

If you’ve ever found your eyes glazing over as you skim through your Twitter feed, you know that tweets that have pictures and cards stand out. They grab users’ attention and make them want to pause and read the post. In some cases, you may even feel more compelled to click on the links being shared with visual tweets.

In fact, research shows that visual tweets actually bring benefits other tweets don’t. Tweets with images generated:

+ 18% more clickthroughs,
+ 89% more favourites, and
+ 150% more retweets.

Clickthroughs, favourites and retweets equate more Twitter engagement. This kind of engagement leads to better brand awareness, increased site traffic and more sales.

More visual tweets can make your account much more effective, which will help your overall social media marketing and digital branding efforts.

Three Tips for Visual Tweets

There are several ways you can add images to your tweets. Chances are that you will use photos in several different ways and maybe experiment with different tactics for special marketing campaigns.

Use Visual Teasers

Using images to get people interested enough in your content to click on your links is a great way to drive traffic to your site. Post interesting, attractive images that complement your content, show off your products or give a glimpse at what it’s like to participate at your locations. To do this successfully, you need to choose images that will capture attention and interest your market.

Live Tweet Photos

If you live tweet events like conferences, grand openings, product launches or even smaller gatherings, take it to the next level by adding photos. Live tweeting photos can make your Twitter stream come to life and make it easier for followers to feel that they are participating. Pictures also give people an inside look at what it’s like to participate at your events.

You can also encourage others to help with this effort by promoting a specific hashtag for the event or holding a photo contest for attendees.

Make Cards Part of your Strategy

Twitter cards are an extremely powerful way to make your tweets more visual. They allow you to add photos and videos to a tweet whenever you copy and paste a link from your website into a Tweet.

There are seven types of cards that each add visual interest to your tweets in a different way. You can find out how to use summary, summary and image, photo, gallery, app, player and product cards on Twitter’s website.

Using photos to add interest to your tweets and make them stand out will generate more engagement, which will help your overall marketing strategy. It will also help you solidify your digital brand and accomplish your business goals.