How to Make Your Customers Feel Confident and Safe with Your Lead Forms

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Even if you are able to generate traffic to your lead generation form, and even if you are able to persuade people to buy your product, you won’t gain any customers if your site visitors don’t feel confident and safe in giving you their personal information. Addresses, phone numbers and even email addresses are details some people hesitate to freely give out. So how can you make sure your customers feel safe enough to fill out your forms?

Build a Quality Website

People can tell when a website is spammy, and therefore not trustworthy. Unorganized layout, clashing colors, poorly written copy and flashy, gimmicky features can all make your site visitors feel uneasy about giving you their contact information. These elements make people feel like they are subscribing to a spam list.

If you create a quality website that tells people that your business is professional, people will trust your lead forms. They will be much more likely to give you their contact information if they feel like they are working with a professional organization.

Tell Subscribers What Their Information will be Used For

When people don’t know what their email addresses and phone numbers will be used for they are very hesitant to fill out lead forms. Put your customers at ease by telling them exactly what you will do with their contact information. For example, explain that they will receive a monthly email newsletter, or weekly deals through text messaging, or a representative will call them to talk about finding the right product for their needs. No matter what your lead form is for, make it clear what you will use a person’s contact information for.

Give an Incentive for Submitting Forms

In general, people will not submit a lead form that asks for personal information without an incentive. Your readers need a reason to submit their email addresses. Some good incentives include a free download, discounts, or notifications of new product launches.

The incentive you use will depend on your business and your market. Put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes and think of things that would appeal to them. What would entice them to submit your lead form?

Allow Subscribers to make a Choice

Giving people options as they submit your lead form can make them feel like they are in control and aren’t helplessly submitting their contact information for you to do anything you want with. Simple options like letting subscribers choose if they want to receive monthly or weekly emails or whether or not they want to receive alerts for new products puts the customer in control and makes him feel confident in submitting his information.

Make Customer Support Easy to Find

Businesses that are easy to contact and that have customer support options that are easy to find on their websites look more trustworthy and professional. This practice can make your readers feel more confident because they know there is someone they can speak to if they have a problem with their product, service or subscription.

Making your site visitors feel confident and safe in submitting their contact information in your lead forms can help you increase your mailing list or even your sales, benefitting your business in numerous ways.