How to Make Your Content go Viral: Content Marketing Tips

Making content go viral seems to be every content marketer’s dream. They want to produce that blog post, infographic, video or article that is shared across the Internet in large numbers and very quickly. The hope is that this content will bring lots of site traffic, create a social media buzz about the brand and help boost Internet marketing efforts.

Viral pieces happen naturally when something gets enough interest and picks up enough traction. While it’s not possible to create a piece of content that is guaranteed to go viral, there are some things you can do for your content to make it more likely that your market will respond to it and share it.

Spark a Reaction

First, create content that will spark some kind of reaction. Content that is funny, interesting, moving, controversial or includes new information can get people talking and make them want to share it.

The kind of reaction you want to create with your content will depend on your brand and your goals, so determine what you want to accomplish and then try to create content that will help you do that by sparking a reaction.

Produce High-Quality Content

It almost goes without saying that if you want your content to be shared, it should be high quality. Blog posts shouldn’t have any spelling or grammatical errors, videos should have professional editing and graphics should be well made.

When your content is of the best quality, you will build a reputation as a business that produces quality results and provides professional services.

Make it Clickable

Your content is competing with all kinds of content for the attention of your market. Your audience needs to be interested enough in your headline or social media post to choose to click it, and not any of the other dozens of posts and pieces of content filling the screen.

Use headlines and social media posts that capture your market’s attention and create interest in the content you are sharing. Do this with interesting headlines, by promising a benefit and by giving away just enough information to get interest in a piece without giving everything away before a reader clicks on it.

Distribute it in the Right Places

If your market doesn’t see your content, and if lots of people aren’t exposed to it, it won’t go viral. Share your content through the channels that you know will help you promote it to the most people.

But, you also need to share the content in places that allow people to share it so they can easily pass it on to their friends and it can gain traction as it is shared across the Internet. The ideal place to do this is on social media, but if you include sharing buttons on each of your blog posts, you could also post it on your blog.

You can’t guarantee that any piece of content will go viral, but you can work to create content that will spark a reaction, is of the highest quality and attracts interest. Then, as you share it through channels that get it in front of your audience and allow people to share it, your content will spread throughout your market.