How to Make Your Best Customers Brand Advocates

Image courtesy of Michal Marcol/

Word of mouth is a vey powerful marketing tool. People trust what their friends say and if their friends recommend your business, you could gain more customers. But how do you get people talking about your business and recommending you to others? Making your best customers brand advocates is a worthwhile pursuit, and with these tips you can reap big benefits.

Be the Best at What You Do

Before anyone will recommend your business, you have to provide excellent products and services. Give your customers something to talk about by being the best at what you do. Get ahead of your competition by providing excellent customer service, top-notch products and building a strong brand. When people have a reason to talk about your brand in a positive way, they will.

Provide an Incentive

Some people will likely recommend your products just because they like your business and want to help a friend out. However, providing an incentive to your customers may encourage them to spread the word about your business. Lots of businesses offer discounts for referrals. This approach can work for your business, or you can come up with another creative program that encourages your customers to recommend your business to their friends.

Make it Easy to Share

When you make it easy for your customers to act as ambassadors, there is a greater chance they will recommend your business. You can use things like referral cards or social media buttons to make it easy for people to talk about your brand. If you want your customers to talk about you on social media, you will need to form a presence on the sites they are using. Spend some time planning and carrying out social media marketing strategies.

Allow Customers to Speak for You

While you want to maintain control over your marketing messaging, allowing customers to speak for you brand can have a powerful effect. People are used to hearing businesses promote their own products and services. So used to it in fact, that they sometimes begin to tune out some marketing tactics. To avoid this problem, you can allow your customers to speak for you in the form of content creation. Guest blog posts, testimonials, reviews, photo contests and social media posts and conversations are all ways your customers can speak for your brand.

This approach can also be powerful because people generally respond better to people like them, or people they can relate to, rather than businesses, which can appear cold and impersonal.

Keep Everything Natural

By making practices like building strong customer relationships and making your business easy to share with others natural parts of your business, encouraging brand advocacy will get easier. Also, keep in mind that the actions your advocate take should be very natural and shouldn’t be overshadowed by your company’s sales and marketing efforts.

The whole idea behind brand advocacy is to encourage your customers to promote your business in a personal, friendly way. When you implement these tips and then steep back and let your customers speak for you, your best customers will become your best advocates.