How to Make sure Your Content Gets Read by Your Market

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You can spend a lot of time, money and other resources creating content, but what happens when no one reads it? Content marketing pieces that just float around the Internet without getting read by your market don’t have a very big impact on your business. Sure, they may help your search engine rankings, but will they build your brand? Will they help you make more sales? Will they help you connect with your target market? Probably not.

So what is the secret to getting your content read? While there isn’t a silver bullet that will guarantee that your content will be read and successful in helping your business grow, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of getting it in front of your market.

People Need to be Interested in Your Brand

According to the Content Marketing Association, 68 percent of consumers are likely to read content from a brand they have an interest in. That number tells us that a large portion of people are willing to spend time reading your content if they already have an interest in your brand. Therefore one of the best things you can do for your content marketing strategy is target a market that is interested in your brand, or build an interest where it is needed.

Find Your Interested Market

First, find the market that is interested in your brand. Hopefully, this market is already one that you want to target. For example, an ideal situation would be that the market that is interested in your brand also tends to buy your product. When you know where this market is, you can target your content to it. Use the same channels this market uses to share your content and create pieces that are likely to resonate with people in this group.

Generate Interest Where Needed

If there isn’t a specific market with a strong interest in your brand, or if the market you want to be interested in your brand isn’t, start generating interest. There are literally dozens of ways you can do this, so do some research into your market to find out what makes it tick. Find out what kinds of things are likely to influence these people, what needs they have that you can fill and what kinds of messages are likely to encourage them to act.

Then, use digital marketing tactics like ads, social media, press releases and other strategies to create interest in your brand. How will you know when your market is interested? As long as your goals are measurable, you’ll see how successful your tactics are. Once your market is interested, you can begin using content marketing more heavily, leaning on the idea that they are now more likely to consume your content.

Making sure your content gets read by your audience all comes down to generating interest among your target market. When people have a genuine interest in your brand, they are much more likely to spend time reading or viewing your content, which will make your content strategy that much more effective.