How To Make Pinterest Work For You

A solid Pinterest marketing strategy takes some determination.

Success on Pinterest seems to be down to two factors: time and luck. If you’re running short on both then it can seem like a fruitless task. You may think your attention may be better spent on other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. But to dismiss this network based on a slow start would be an unwise move, particularly if you’re an online retailer. Research has shown that Pinterest has a pretty good conversion rate when it comes to sales. Getting help with an effective Pinterest marketing strategy would be a beneficial move for your business.

The problem with Pinterest is that it favours those creative working types who can naturally fit image browsing into their everyday job. Designers, photographers, and artists all seem to do very well on the platform – and they’re rewarded by becoming the people new users follow automatically when they sign up. It’s a self-serving circle, so the key to success on Pinterest is to have enough time to build incredible boards and to constantly provide good content, and then to have the luck of being selected as one of the suggested users by Pinterest.

But you don’t have to spend hours slaving away, building up your boards – you could always cheat… here’s where a Pinterest marketing strategy comes in handy.

Pinterest is, after all, a network, and you should be making the most of this network of people to let them help you with the bulk of the work. One of the best ways to do this is by creating contributor boards – these will allow other users to pin to your boards, and help you to grow your following with little to no effort.

You’ll obviously need a following to start with, or to have a well-established brand on other social networks, but other than that you’ll only need to take a few steps to get this up and running.

How to grow your following on Pinterest:

1. Decide how you want to run your contributor boards. Some suggestions would be: a staff picks board, where you invite your whole team to get involved; a guest blogger, where you pick an influential blogger and give them free reign for a week, month, or indefinitely; a competition board, where you invite all of your followers to pin, and the best pin wins a prize; or a general community board. Getting an expert social media marketer can help you include this in your Pinterest marketing strategy.

2. To add another pinner you’ll have to be following them first. Go to your boards, and then click on the board you want to add other users to. Go to edit board, and you’ll see this screen. Enter their user name and select “add”. This will send an invitation to contribute to your board, which they will have to accept.

Once the user accepts your invitation, your board will then show up on their list of boards. And your board will now gain followers every time a user opts to “follow all” of your contributors’ boards. So the more people you have contributing, the greater your reach.

Have you had any success driving traffic to your site with a Pinterest marketing strategy?

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