How to Make Online Marketing Local

One of the biggest advantages of online marketing is that you can easily take your brand to people everywhere. You can use tactics and channels that deliver your message across the country and even across the world.

But sometimes you want to reach your local market. You want to use highly targeted tactics to promote your business, products and services to the people near your location. Online marketing can do this too.

Make your Site Local Friendly

Before you start any kind of local marketing, make sure your website is local friendly. This means making sure your store locations are easy to find on your site, including local contact information and listing store hours.

Don’t let your website become a landing page for national marketing efforts without serving local visitors. If you want people to interact with you on a local level, make it easy for them to do so. You can also promote your website through local marketing channels like business directories and events.

Build a Local Social Media Audience

Social media gives you the power to reach people anywhere in the world, but by using it strategically you can reach your local market too. Consider setting up different pages for each of your locations to let people connect with your brand in a local way.

Connecting to other local pages on social media can help you stand out in your local community. As you make these connections, share others’ content and mention them in your posts so you can add your voice to local conversations and so other accounts will share your content.

You can also post content that is relevant to your location and community to build an audience full of people in your area. Don’t forget to publicise your accounts locally, like at your store locations or at local events, to gain local followers.

Use Local Search Engine Optimisation

Local SEO, or the idea that you can attract local traffic with search engine optimisation techniques, is a great way to connect with your local market. Using things like Google My Business and Google Maps, you can make it more likely that your website will appear in search results for people in your area.

This approach is a whole field of SEO on its own and you will need to use local keywords and phrases as well as local tools and maps to make it work for you.

Create Local Internet Advertising Campaigns

You can also create online advertising campaigns that specifically target your local audience. Search ads can help you reach people in your area who search for terms related to your business. Social media ads can also be targeted geographically so you can reach users that are close to your locations and more likely to connect with your business locally.

Of course, you can also use internet ads on local websites like news websites and community blogs, where people in your area are likely to see them.

Online marketing can help you reach your local market and target people in your area who are likely to become customers and even brand ambassadors. By using online marketing channels a little differently than you already are, you can tap into a local audience.