How to Make a Viral Video

The title of this post might be a bit deceiving. Digital marketers know it is impossible to make a video go viral. However, time and experience have shown that there are some things most viral videos have in common. By analyzing these elements and finding ways you can use them for your brand’s videos, the chances of your videos going viral will increase.

These tips aren’t the only things required to make a video go viral. Timing, luck, the right audience and an extra “something,” that can’t really be defined, are all part of what makes a video viral. But, by learning from the best viral videos and using tactics that have worked for others, your videos will be much more successful.

Discover Why Your Audience Shares

Viral videos go viral because they are shared, so it only makes sense that your video needs to be shareable. But, if you want your video to help you reach your market, it needs to be something people in your target market will be interested in and will want to share. Find out why your audience shares things online. You may already have an idea of what encourages them to share if you track your social media efforts.

People share viral videos for so many reasons, but many viral videos are funny, touching, amazing, exciting or interesting. Find out what spurs your market to share and then keep that in mind as you create your video.

Piggyback on News or Pop Culture

You can leverage current events or pop culture happenings by creating a video that is related to something that is popular among your market. These videos often have a head start when it comes to interest and the likelihood that people will watch them, so they may also be more likely to share them. If your market is in tune with the news and pop culture, this tactic could work for you.

Don’t Think too Hard; Keep it Simple

Complicated videos don’t do well. If your message isn’t clear, if your video drags on for too long, or if it is obvious that you are trying too hard, your video won’t be successful. Don’t try to fit too much into your videos and try to keep the messaging and even the visual elements simple but still attractive to your market.

Be Different from Everyone Else

It’s very hard to pull off a copycat video. Some brands can do this if it is in the context of making fun, mimicking or making a statement, but videos that do this successfully are rare. People will see through attempts to copy other businesses, which will discourage them from sharing your video. It’s better to be unique and come up with your own ideas that fit your business, your goals and your market.

Don’t Forget that Quality Matters

Quality is a vital part of any marketing tactic, including videos. Even if your video is supposed to be casual or funny, use convincing actors, quality graphics and professional filming equipment. While people may not focus on the idea that your video looks and feels professional, the fact that it is will make them take notice, even if it is subconsciously.

Market Your Video Everywhere You Can and do it Strategically

To get people to share your video, you need to share it first. Spread it across your social media channels, web sites, blogs and anywhere else you can. However, don’t get carried away with this. Make sure you are sharing it in places where it will be seen by your target market and where it is most likely to be well received and shared.

You can’t make a video go viral, but you can use some of these tips to help you create a video that is more likely to be shared by your market and go viral. As you make your next video, keep these guidelines in mind and then watch the number of views go up!