How to Maintain Focus on Your Business Social Media Accounts

Between all the pictures, videos and funny status updates on social media sites it’s easy to forget why you logged in to begin with. While social media can serve as a distraction for your public, if you become distracted while using it for your marketing campaign, you probably won’t be taking full advantage of the medium.

So how do you stay focused and use your company’s social media accounts as marketing tools?

Have a Purpose Before Logging In

Before you even log in to your social media accounts have a purpose in mind. Maybe you plan on sharing a new blog post or posting pictures from your last event. Sometimes your main purpose for using social media is to engage with your audience. While that is a somewhat abstract goal, it is a goal that can help you stay on track.

Set a Time Limit

When you start using social media, look at the clock and decide how much time you’ll spend on your accounts. This tip can do two things: keep you on track and help you save time. If you know you only have 30 minutes to post to your accounts and respond to comments, you’ll be much more productive. Setting aside a set amount of time will also prevent social media from taking up too much time.

Use a Social Media Calendar

Create a social media calendar that can help you stay on track. The calendar can include things like company events, new product launches, promotions, community activities and holidays, and how your social media accounts will work around those things. Some things, like current events and the way your market reacts to your posts or brand, can’t be planned, so leave some space in your calendar to account for these things.

Align all Your Goals

Your social media strategy should have goals that are in line with the rest of your marketing goals. If your strategy is well planned, social media is just one of the tools you are using to improve your business. Remember this and make sure each time you use social media your time is spent working toward these aligned goals. One excellent way to make sure this happening is to include all your marketing strategies on your social media calendar.

Stay on Message

It would be impossible, and likely impractical, to infuse your brand’s message into every single one of your social media posts. However, a good portion of the content you post should include your message and calls to action. Keeping this in mind as you use social media can help you stay focused.

These tips can do more than help you stay focused while using social media for marketing purposes. In fact, when you have a purpose, set a time limit, align your goals and incorporate a calendar and messaging, your social media account won’t be the only thing to flourish. You will likely notice that your digital marketing strategy in general will grow stronger and more focused as you use these tips.