How to Leverage YouTube’s New 6-second, Unskippable Ads

colorfulstopwatchLater this month Google will be making a new YouTube ad format available: Bumper ads. These videos will be just six seconds long and will play before YouTube videos viewed on mobile devices. Viewers won’t be able to skip these ads like they can after other YouTube ads have played for five seconds.

These new Bumper ads will be available to businesses through the AdWords interface and will be auctioned on a CPM basis. Google’s announcement explains that short, “snackable videos” do well on phones and tablets, so these ads are likely to be successful.

Six seconds isn’t very long, but you can leverage Bumper ads to strengthen your online marketing.

Increase Recall Awareness and Consideration

Google says that in testing, Bumper ads successfully helped increase measurements like recall, awareness and consideration. This means you can use the ads to help make people aware of your brand and remember what you do. They can also help you expose your market to a new product or service, as people will be likely to consider buying it after viewing the ad.

Create Impactful Serialised Ads

Google also notes that Bumper ads are a good fit for serialised ads, or a series of ads that all go together. These ads can help you highlight a product line, tell a story, show off customer testimonials or raise brand awareness by revisiting a common theme repeatedly with your audience. These ad groups often draw attention to themselves simply because they are repetitive, but also because they become familiar and people like to see “the rest of the story.”

Solidify Memorable Calls to Action

In just six seconds viewers don’t have much time to miss, skip or forget your call to action. Making short Bumper ads that mainly consist of a call to action can help you get your message across very successfully.

To do this, use a call to action that supports your broader marketing campaign and use visual elements like a caption with a URL or an image of your social media username to make it easy for people to respond.

Use Teaser Content to Drive Traffic

Six seconds is just long enough to capture interest and pique curiosity. With a little planning, you can use Bumper ads to tease bigger pieces of content and drive traffic to them. For example, you could give people just a snippet of your latest product video, generate excitement about your product launch event or show just a few of the most important details about your new service, and then direct people to your website for more information.

Show Casual Personality

These ads are reminiscent of short, personal social media videos on sites like Vine and Facebook. Use this to your advantage by creating Bumper ads that help you show off your brand’s personality with a quick message from your founder, a behind-the-scenes look or even just some fun entertainment to raise brand awareness.

Bumper ads will bring another marketing option to your business and these tips can help you leverage the six-second videos to get the most marketing power out of them.