How to Leverage YouTube as the Second Largest Search Engine

YouTube has become a very popular search engine, coming in just behind Google in terms of popularity. The site has also become the third most-visited website, and these two facts make it a powerful marketing tool.

You can leverage the site as more than just a social network or video publishing platform; you can use it to attract your target market, raise brand awareness and drive visitors to your website.

As people discover businesses and products through YouTube searches, you have an opportunity to make sure your business stands out in your industry and is seen by potential customers.

Set up your Channel the Right Way

First, don’t just haphazardly publish your videos to YouTube. Set up a channel that is branded so people know they have arrived at one of your properties when they find it. This also makes it easier to gain a following as people subscribe to your channel.

Choose your profile picture and cover photo carefully and write a channel description that reflects what you do and add extra links to your website and other online properties. Complete your channel by choosing your country and adding contact information.

Then, make sure people can find your channel by using keywords where appropriate in your channel name and description. You may also consider setting up a custom URL to add branding and optimise your account.

Optimise each Video for Searching

Now you need to make sure people find your videos when they search for relevant terms on YouTube. To do this, write a keyword-rich title and a description that includes keywords naturally. Then, add tags to your videos to categorise them and help YouTube understand what they are all about.

Since your channel has its own search box, people can search through your content, turning your channel into a sort of mini search engine. Use keywords that are more general to target people who may not know about your business or products but would find your content useful. Then, use more specific keywords to target people looking specifically for you or searching your channel for a specific video or type of content.

Use Links to your Advantage

Building a YouTube following and driving people to your videos is very important, as it can help you get your content in front of more people and accomplish your marketing goals. But, keep in mind that you can also use YouTube to drive traffic to your website.

As people find your optimised YouTube content and become interested in your business, you have a great opportunity to get them to click through to your website where you can convert them to customers or encourage them to sign up for your newsletter, read your blog posts or contact your business.

To do this, be sure to use links in your channel’s “about” section and in your video descriptions. Remember, you don’t have to simply link to your home page. You can also link to your product pages, blog, subscription form or anywhere else you want people to go to help you accomplish your marketing goals.

As the second biggest search engine and third most visited website, YouTube can bring huge benefits to your social media marketing, search engine optimisation and online marketing strategies. These tips can help you optimise your account and videos to start seeing these perks.