How to Leverage the Online Holiday Shopping Boom for Your Company

On Christmas day, after everyone has opened and powered up their new gadgets, guess what they do. They get online. According to Experian and IMRG, people in the United Kingdom spent £235 million online on Christmas day last year. This year, they were expected to spend £307 million. says its online Christmas day sales have more than doubled in the last five years.

Clearly, there is a great opportunity for brands during the holiday season. As people take time off of work and play with their new tablets, smartphones and laptops, they are most likely browsing the Internet. They are also likely downloading content to their mobile devices. There are two main opportunities for brands during the holiday shopping boom.

Traditional Online Purchases

Traditional online purchases, or physical products that are bought online and shipped to buyers, are big during the holidays. After a season of gift giving, this may seem counter intuitive. However, after Christmas, many retailers offer significant discounts, and people everywhere are spending gift cards and money they received as gifts to splurge on online purchases.

Your business can take advantage of this shopping craze by offering deep discounts or other incentives, like free shipping or buy-one-get-one deals. Since your current customers will likely visit your website in search of deals (if you advertised them well), you can take advantage of the increased traffic by running special marketing campaigns, or by adding more online tactics to your current strategy. Your holiday specials also have the potential to draw in new customers. offers special deals and runs holiday promotions.


Online Content Purchases

As consumers start using their new mobile gadgets, they will be looking for content to put on them. If your company offers its own apps, online publications or videos, now is a good time to heavily advertise them. If our online content is relevant and useful, your audience will want to download it. Of course, it’s important that you have already laid the groundwork in a marketing campaign for your content and have a strong brand. If you already have a solid basis for your content, enticing your audience to download it will be easier.

Many times, online content purchases are snap decisions. Customers don’t normally deliberate for very long before deciding to buy an app or an online magazine issue. Knowing this, you can boost your online content sales by making your content easy to find. If your content fulfills a need and your customers know about it, they will likely purchase it.

The increasing popularity of online holiday shopping presents a big opportunity for your brand. By offering discounts, you can boost your sales, drive traffic to your site and attract new customers. By implementing a marketing campaign to get your online content in front of your audience, you’ll also increase content sales and downloads.