How to Know What to Say on Social Media

Sometimes businesses struggle with what to say on social media. They have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram accounts all set up and ready to go, but aren’t sure exactly how to use social media to help them market their business.

What you say on social media will be dependent on your strategy. What do you want to use social media for? What do you hope to accomplish through social media? The answers to these questions can help you decide what kinds of information to share through your accounts. The following ideas are good starting points that can help you start using your social media accounts strategically.

Your Brand’s Messaging

You have probably already established some messaging for your brand that you use with your marketing campaigns. When you find ways to incorporate those messages into your social media posts, you are aligning your social media use with the rest of your marketing tactics. Be sure that your messaging matches the market you attract on social media, since each market and each channel may need slightly different messaging strategies.

Industry, Community or Business Information

Social media is a great way to share general information with your market. For example, you can make your market aware of events, industry news, business happenings and community developments through social media. By doing this, you are becoming a valuable, informational resource for your market. People need to feel like following you on social media is beneficial.

Marketing Tactics

Lots of marketing tactics commonly used either depend on social media or are enhanced greatly by social media. For example, if you are holding a contest, you should publicize it on social media. Or, if you are hosting an event or launching a new product, talk about it on social media. These types of posts are natural and will help you meet your business goals.

Content from Influential People

When you share content from influential people or businesses in your industry or community, you are helping to educate your market. You are also borrowing this person’s voice to help you send a message to your market. Sharing content from someone else can help you tap into a new audience, since that person will likely promote your social media post by sharing it with his or her followers.

Your Business’ Content

Whether you are actively using content marketing or not, your brand has some content. Your website and blog are prime examples of content you already have that you can share with your social media followers. This is a great way to get your message out and to inform people about what you do.

Finding things to share on social media can be a challenging hurdle to overcome. When you think about what you want to accomplish through social media you will find things to say to your market. Using brand messaging and content in your social media posts can help you reach your goals and create an active social media community.