How to Keep Your Social Media Momentum Going

If you use social media to market your business, you know it can be demanding. This tactic requires constant, if not daily, attention, as well as lots of engagement, interaction and thought. If you have a social media strategy, you should be strategically posting to your accounts, which does take time. So how do you keep the momentum going? How do you stay on top of your strategy while keeping your accounts alive with interaction? Here are a few tips to keep you going.

Keep it Fresh

Don’t just post the same kind of content day in and day out. That gets boring for your market and doesn’t really do much for your business. Keep thing fresh by experimenting with different kinds of posts, finding new ways to interact with your followers and finding new types of content to share.

You can also keep things interesting by finding new ways to incorporate social media into your broader marketing strategy. For example, if you are running a contest, use social media to promote it. If you are hosting an industry conference, promote it through social media and find ways to share what is happening at the conference through social media.

Make it Conversational

Social media gets boring very quickly if all you do is promote your own business. Instead, try having conversations with people. This approach will benefit your business as you gain more followers and more customers and create a positive reputation for yourself. There are all kinds of relationships you can foster on social media, from potential customers to current customers and from donors to community figures. Each of these relationships can benefit your business in different ways, so it’s important to do all you can to keep them strong.

It’s Not All About You

However, relationship building and social media aren’t all about you. To keep the momentum going, try finding ways you can contribute to the bigger social media conversation or ways you can help other organizations. Chime in on conversations where your specialty could be beneficial, and don’t be afraid to become a well-known social media voice in your community or industry.

Sharing content from other sources and other businesses can help keep your followers coming back for more. They will quickly get tired of your account if they feel like you only talk about yourself. Of course, you shouldn’t promote your competitors, but it doesn’t hurt to share content from other businesses or organizations in your community or who have something to offer that is outside your niche.

It’s People, Not Numbers

It’s very easy to get caught up in a numbers game when you run social media accounts. You are likely always trying to get more “likes,” more comments, and more shares. While it is important to make sure your accounts are benefiting your business and always growing, getting stuck in this rut can harm your strategy and make you lose steam. Focus on the people when it comes to social media. Remember that most of your followers are potential customers or can benefit your business in some way. When you think of social media interactions in terms of people, not numbers, it’s easier to keep the momentum going.

Keeping the momentum going and your social media accounts alive with conversations and activity will help your social media marketing campaigns be more successful. Put one of these tips into action today and get the momentum going.