How to Get Your Employees to be Good Brand Ambassadors on Social Media

If your employees use social media, they are already acting somewhat as brand ambassadors even if it is unofficially. When people at your business use social media they are helping to form the brand and reputation of your business.

Knowing this, you want to make sure your employees are being good brand ambassadors so they are benefiting your business as they use social media. Here are a few tips that can help you encourage your employees to be positive ambassadors on social media.

Let them Know Your Expectations

First, let your employees know you are okay with them posting things about your business and industry online, but that you expect them to act professionally. Remind them that online they are the face of your business so it is important that they act accordingly.

Also consider creating a policy about what kinds of information your employees can and can’t share on social media. This will let you give your employees some control while still maintaining a proper level of privacy.

Provide Social Media Training

It is easy to assume that everyone knows how to use Facebook and Twitter, but that isn’t the case. Chances are that some of your employees aren’t sure how to use some social media sites, so some training could encourage them to start using it. As part of your training, you can address your expectations and social media policy.

This training can also be helpful for employees that are good at using social media. You can give them ideas on how to use social media to spread the word about your business and show them what kind of content they have access to that they can share.

Give them Something to Talk About

When your employees have plenty of positive things to talk about they are more likely to be positive ambassadors. One way you can give employees something to talk about is to provide excellent content. Blog posts, photos, videos and press releases that your employees can be proud of are more likely to be shared.

Another way you can do this is by making your business a good place to work. Create a good environment and strong community and hold things like events and trainings. Then, when your employees post about work on social media, it will be more likely to be positive.

Reward top Ambassadors

Reward the employees that represent your brand well on social media. You can formally reward them by recognising them at your company, or you can make it a more informal process by thanking them and providing things like gift cards or other perks. The idea is to provide some incentive for employees to share information about your business.

People pay attention to what their friends say. In fact, a friend’s opinion or experience with your business could mean more to potential customers than some of your other marketing tactics. Use these guidelines to encourage your employees to become positive brand ambassadors on social media so your online presence and reputation will grow.