How to Get Positive Customer Reviews to use for Internet Marketing

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Cone Communications found that 85 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when they can get additional recommendations about the product or service online. The study also found that four out of five consumers reverse purchase decisions based on negative reviews they find online.

Reviews are powerful, and positive ones can help you build your brand and even increase sales as you use them as part of your Internet marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Journal published a blog post that highlights several ways to do this, including using them within your business, writing case studies and creating a wall of fame. To use these, or any other marketing strategy that leverages customer testimonials, you need to know how to get positive reviews.

Ask Satisfied Customers

The first, and possibly easiest, way to get customer reviews is to simply ask for them. Identify some customers who are satisfied with your work and would be happy to recommend your business.

This can be easier if you know how you will be using the testimonial, so you can explain to your customer how his review will be used. It’s also a good idea to get a few reviews from different customers who have used a variety of your products and services.

Advertise Review Sites you Use

Let your customers know you use and read comments from Yelp, Google Business or any other site. Do this with signs at your location or by mentioning these sites on brochures, fliers and other marketing materials. You should also promote these review accounts on your blog, website and social media.

Of course, this does open you up to receiving negative reviews. But, if you work to provide an excellent service and make sure your customers are satisfied, you’ll get positive reviews. Direct this call to action to happy customers with a phrase like “Like our products? Please rate us on Yelp!”

Make Reviewing Part of a Process

Sometimes even satisfied customers forget to come back to review your business. To prevent this and make sure customers leave a review while their experience with you is fresh in their minds, make reviewing part of a process.

This means including a comment box on your site, linking to a review form on your emailed receipts, adding a website pop up for returning customers or even using a pop up on your mobile app. Reaching out and getting customers’ attention and making it simple to leave a review can help you get more positive comments to use for marketing purposes.

Leverage Social Media

People love to express their feelings and voice their opinions on social media. Your business could already be getting informal reviews on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn in the form of comments and mentions. Look at your accounts to see what your customers are saying and consider asking for comments.

For example, posting “Have you tried our newest product? What are your thoughts?” on you Facebook page can solicit all kinds of feedback that can be used to improve your business and generate some testimonials you can use for marketing.

As you start to collect customer reviews, you can use them across your online marketing tactics to attract potential customers and build a reputation as a business that satisfies its customers and listens to what they say.