How to Get More Engagement on Your Social Media Pages

If you use social media marketing in one form or another, one of your goals is probably to get more engagement. Comments, shares, “likes” and other activity on your social media pages help you interact with your market and more effectively share your message.

But, getting engagement can be challenging. Social media is full of people and businesses interacting with each other and competing for users’ attention. Getting more engagement does take time and dedication, but here are some tips that can help you inspire your followers to interact with your social media pages.

Start Conversations

On social media it’s not enough to wait for the conversations to come to you. To get more engagement you need to start conversations with the content you post and by posting questions or comments that encourage people to comment or share.

Don’t be afraid to ask your followers for their opinions and share content that you think will get people talking. You can use this tactic strategically by encouraging conversations about specific topics that will help you meet your business and marketing goals.

Give People a Reason to Interact

Give your followers a reason to interact with your social media page by posting interesting, new, or even controversial information. Things like contests and giveaways are also a great way to get people talking and engaging with your page. If you do a contest or giveaway, make sure part of the requirements to enter include actions that will help you in the long run. For example, asking followers to “like” something, share a status, or retweet a post will help you get more exposure and more followers.

Be Responsive

People aren’t likely to interact with your page if they feel like the conversation is one sided. Encourage people to interact with your page by responding to their questions and having conversations with them. When someone comments on something you share, respond to them or thank them for taking the time to leave a comment.

Use Crowdsourcing

You can get more engagement by crowdsourcing things through your social media pages. Some examples of this tactic include asking people to write photo captions, fill in the blanks, vote for the next giveaway item or even choose what kind of discounts you offer. This is a great strategy because it proves to your followers that you are listening and that their voice matters.

Don’t be Shy

Let your brand’s personality shine on social media! If your account is stiff, too formal, and too serious, people won’t want to interact with your pages. In general, social media is more casual, so find a tone and voice that is friendly but still matches your brand. Remember that social media is meant to be conversational and the best conversations have personality.

To make the most of your accounts and see the best benefits, you need to build a strong following and an active social media community. These tips will help you reach out to that community and increase the engagement on your social media pages.