How to Get Earned Links with Press Releases

What are earned links and how can you grab them with your own press releases?

Press releases are a common search engine optimisation tactic. Businesses write press releases, using keywords and adding links back to their website, then publish the releases on various sites in an effort to build links. Traditionally, press releases are used to get media coverage. These purposes and tactics can be blended together to help your business get earned links, which will build both your search engine rankings and your brand.

Why use earned links?

Earlier this year, Google released what it calls Quality Search Guidelines. The document details how the search engine ranks pages and it emphasizes the importance of quality content and links from quality websites. Google favors links from pages that have a high page rank and have high-quality content. It also favors links that are more natural, rather than spammy links that are built only for gaining rankings.

Earned links can also help you build your brand. When a well-known blog or a news outlet mentions your business and includes a link to your website, you are building awareness of your company and establishing a reputation for your brand.

Using press releases to get earned links.

When you create optimised press releases and pitch your story to news outlets, bloggers and site owners, you are getting a type of earned link. Instead of going to a website and leaving your link in a comment or post and instead of creating websites for the sole purpose of building links, site owners are naturally building links to your website because you have interesting content to share.

Have an interesting, legitimate angle.

If you waste an editor’s, reporter’s or blogger’s time with a press release that doesn’t include any news or doesn’t share an interesting story, you won’t earn any links. In fact, your future pitches might even be ignored. Traditional press releases are used to announce news. If you intend to use a release to get earned links, rather than publishing it yourself, make sure you have something news-related to share.

Target your pitch.

There are a few things you should look for when you consider who to send your press release too. First, look for sites that post high-quality content and have a high page rank. Second, look for websites that would actually be interested in what you are sharing. This will increase your chances of getting earned links. Lastly, find websites that attract your target market. These will be the most helpful as far as branding and referral traffic goes.

Build relationships.

As you pitch your story to site owners and share your press release, work to build relationships. Get to know the people you are talking to and understand what kind of content they are looking for. Then, as you have future stories that might interest these connections, you can more easily approach them with the possibility of getting coverage.

Earned links can improve your SEO. Contact us for more information!

Using press releases to get earned links can help you boost your search engine rankings, build your brand and reach your market. These tips can help you successfully combine search engine optimisation and public relations approaches to benefit your digital marketing efforts.

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