How to Drive Your Social Media Followers Away

Building a social media following takes work and dedication, but keeping that following can take just as much effort. When you maintain a strong following and create a social media community, your social media marketing efforts will be able to gain more traction. You will get more traffic to your website, your content will be shared more often and your marketing messaging will have a bigger effect on your business.

You probably already get a lot of advice on how to create a social media following and how to engage with your market online. But, here are a few mistakes that will drive your followers away, harming your marketing strategies.

Post too Frequently

When you post to social media too often, your followers will feel overwhelmed or even spammed by your business. No one likes to be inundated with too much content, whether it is promotional or not.

Each social media network requires a different level of involvement and frequency of posting. For example, you should post to Facebook a couple times a day, but you can post to Twitter several times a day without going overboard. These unspoken rules can help you use social media more effectively.

Your posting frequency will also depend on your business and market, so find a balance that works for you.

Complain or Speak Poorly of Other Businesses

You know those people on social media who only seem to post when they have something to complain about or something negative to say? Don’t be that person. Businesses who only use social media as a platform to complain or speak poorly about other businesses will find themselves losing followers quickly.

Always be positive and upbeat on social media and never bash your competitors. Be willing to share content from and engage in conversations with other businesses, as long as they aren’t direct competitors.

Constantly Self Promote

Social media marketing does entail some self promotion, but you should use social media to do more than that. When all of your posts seem self centred or too sales oriented, your followers will get bored, or even frustrated, and stop following you.

Use social media to talk to your market, listen to your followers, share other peoples’ content and engage in community discussions. Don’t abandon self promotion entirely, but make sure your posts are a good mix of self promotion and other valuable content.

Don’t Provide any Value

The main reason people started following you was to get some benefit. Whether they liked your content, wanted to keep up with your business, entered a contest or wanted a discount, every one of your followers started following you because they felt like you could provide them with some kind of value. If you stop providing that value, people will stop following you.

Make sure your accounts consistently provide value to your followers. That value can change over time, but should continue to keep your followers satisfied and interested in your account. It is okay to share fun and entertaining things on social media, but that kind of content shouldn’t be the only kind you share.

Never Respond to Comments or Messages

Social media is a communications tool. It is meant to facilitate conversations and if you ignore comments and messages, you will lose followers. People like to know their voice is being heard and if you don’t respond to what they have to say, you could damage your brand and reputation.

Depending on the size of your company, you may not be able to respond to every single comment and message. However, you should respond as much as possible and engage with your followers whenever you can.

By avoiding these social media mistakes, you will be able to maintain a strong following and build a community that will help your business grow. If your business is doing any of these things, start making changes now to make your social media marketing more effective.